Hooded Eyes Makeup Dos and Don’ts

Written By Alla Levin
December 07, 2021

Hooded Eyes Makeup Dos and Don’ts

There is nothing worse than trying a new eye makeup trend, following the tutorial step-by-step, and not achieving the desired effect. While it might be the case that you need some additional practice, this is not the only reason a new look will not work for you. Sometimes, many colors and techniques do not suit your skin tone or eye color.

Additionally, not all eye makeup techniques work for every eye shape. For example, what works for an upturned eye will not do the same for a hooded eye. A hooded eye occurs when your crease is not visible beneath your upper lid and brow bone. If you have hooded eyes, you should not see where your lower lid meets the upper. Here are some makeup dos and don’ts for hooded eyes:

DO enhance your lashes

When using makeup techniques on hooded eyes, the idea is to make them appear larger and more open. False lashes can help you achieve that. Choose the best eyelash shape for hooded eyes from Lilac St., Sweed, or Eyelure. Lilac St. lash extensions are ideal for hooded eyes as they fit under your lashes. These fake lashes come in different styles and lengths. Using them in combinations can make hooded eyes look less droopy and more open. Lilac St. DIY lashes are convenient, reasonably priced, and easy to use, lasting for several applications when cared for correctly.

Lashes for hooded eyes should be longer in the center and shorter at the inner corner. It creates an illusion of depth. Experts advise looking for lightweight, natural-looking lashes, as anything too voluminous or dramatic will weigh them down, creating a sleepy-looking effect. Lash extensions work perfectly for hooded eyes as they come in different lengths and do not require much trimming before application.

DON’T use the wrong colorsHooded Eyes Makeup

Shimmery or satin eyeshadows are not appropriate for hooded eyes. A shimmer reflects light, making your eye’s hood even more prominent. It will look even puffier than before. If you are getting glammed up for an evening event, your thoughts will turn to glittery, shimmering shades. However, they will not create the desired look when used in excess.

Experts advised that individuals with hooded eyes stick to matte colors when selecting eyeshadow. These shades absorb light and will make the eye hood less obvious. Indeed, well-applied eyeshadow can make your hood seem to recede. Use a highlighter close to your eyebrow arch, as far as possible from the hood. If you bring it too close, it will make it more pronounced.

DO use eyeliner strategically

Eyeliner can do a lot to reduce an eye hood’s prominence, but only when used correctly. Many people with hooded eyes assume that a winged eyeliner look will help. However, it has the opposite effect. A winged look makes an eye appear smaller, the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish. Therefore, ditch the winged look, and use eyeliner along your lash line and no further.

If you have hooded eyes, experts recommend that you apply eyeliner to your waterline, the line of skin between the eyelashes and eye. Applying eyeliner above your top eyelid waterline takes up what little space there is on the lid, making the eye seem smaller. For greater accuracy, use pencil eyeliner instead of a liquid version.

DON’T accentuate your under-eye

People with hooded eyes should avoid drawing attention to their under-eye area. It makes their eyes look droopy and heavy. A thin line of eyeliner should be enough to complete your eye makeup, although you can apply minimal amounts of eyeshadow to your lower lash line for a balanced look.

Use concealer to cover your under-eye area as any circles or bags in that area make your eyes look smaller. Alternatively, follow a strict beauty routine to maintain the under-eye skin’s elasticity and prevent bag formation.

Hooded Eyes Makeup Dos and Don’ts: DO blend up

After applying eyeshadow to the lower half of your eyelid, blend it upward to the upper half. A glaring line is easily smudged and makes your eyes look smaller and more hooded. Alternatively, you might look straight at a mirror and not see any applied color because of the hood.

Blend the color up and over your whole eyelid, into its crease, and onto the hood. Remember to stick to a palette of matte colors when choosing eyeshadow.

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