Simon Kronenfeld: The Power of Vision

Written By Alla Levin
December 28, 2021
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Simon Kronenfeld: The Power of Vision

When it comes to business, having a clear vision of your goals and ideas is one of the most powerful ways to ensure success down the road. With such potential in the landscape of Canadian businesses, it can be deceptively easy to get lost in the details of your endeavor and lose sight of what it is that drives your efforts forwards.

As the leader of his own successful construction company, Simon Kronenfeld is someone who understands the value and the true power of having a unified vision for your business ideas. With extensive experience and a stellar track record, he has learned the skills a strong leader needs to drive a company towards innovation with each new year – skills that begin with the three simple principles of purpose, momentum, and ambition.

PurposeSimon Kronenfeld

There are dozens of important considerations to keep in mind when first establishing your business and propelling its success, but one of the most important considerations of all to keep in mind when evaluating your ideas is to have a clear, solid vision of the purpose of your business, and the services it provides for the general public, as well as yourself and your team. Clarifying why it is precise that your company operates the way it does is an invaluable ability, especially in the face of such a saturated corporate market.

Vision statements are one of the tools that can be used to help narrow down this crucial element. Preparing a vision statement before you start your company, or, in some cases, as you adapt to its growth and established presence, can be a powerful way of communicating the strengths and passions of your business.


While having a clear purpose is a critical step towards securing the health and longevity of your business, so is the ability to establish a healthy momentum, as well as the ability, and the plan, to keep this momentum going as the year’s pass and your company faces various inevitable challenges. Many trends in the market tend to be unpredictable or, at least, highly volatile. So, being able to weather the storm of tumultuous external changes can make or break your business’ ability to withstand the test of time.

The ability to define the concrete areas of your company’s momentum is a decisive step in having a realistic and holistic vision of its future. Everything from financial rate to social stability is critical in ensuring your company will be strong enough to manage any challenges that may come its way and provide you with a plan for where to go from there.

The power of vision: ambitionThe Power of Vision

Lastly, having a healthy ambition for the future goals and projects of your business, along with the equally vital ability to communicate this ambition to your team and ensure your workforce are all on the same page and have a vision of success in mind, is as much of a significant ability as purpose and momentum.

Having the drive, both individually and interpersonally, to continuously strive for bigger and better results is a trait that is sure to propel your business and its projects to higher ground and more significant success.

Simon Kronenfeld has mastered the ability to articulate and put into practice his understanding of ambition, along with purpose and momentum. As the construction company AJGL Group leader, he has transferred his respect for pride, passion, and energy into his tangible projects and imparted it upon his team, leading to more substantial work and healthier dynamics, both internally and with the Canadian consumer market.

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