8 Tips To Keep Your Brand Media Secure and Organized

Written By Alla Levin
January 07, 2022
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8 Tips To Keep Your Brand Media Secure and Organized

While the logo you choose for your growing business matters, there is much more to a company’s branding strategy than just its logo, name, or color pattern. Indeed, your branding includes your voice tone, story, ethos, mission, and visual identity

In particular, your visual identity is the collection of all logo versions, imagery, videos, and content that you use to attract customers, communicate your message, and promote your products and services. In simple words, your company’s visual identity is the first and most important thing your customers will see.

Because of how fierce the competition is out there, it has never been more important to mindfully craft your visual identity, keep your media safe, and organize your content. Learn how to do all this and more below. 

Use a Photo Management Software

When looking to advertise your brand, the media, and content you create play a vital role in your marketing campaign. This means that, with time, you will have a range of logos, images, videos, audio files, and more to collect, organize, and keep safe. 

With so much going on, it is impossible not to invest in the best photo management software your business can afford. Thanks to the right system, you can benefit from organization and editing features in the same place. So, you can enhance your media, safely store it, and access it in no time. Aside from improving the quality and safety of your media, this software can also increase the overall productivity of your business. 

Label Content and FoldersLabel Content and Folders

If you have just launched your business, the chances are that you only have a few logo versions, a mood board, and not much more. However, as your brand develops, you build your social media communities, and you launch new marketing campaigns, the number of media items and content pieces will multiply. 

At the same time, when your teams are working with your media, you will need to implement systems that allow all authorized personnel to access and use media while keeping it secure. And, you will need to get started with the new system from day 1! So, make sure you get started on the right path by labeling your logo versions, images, videos, audio files, and folders. 

Know the Ins and Outs of Photo Editing Apps

It isn’t a secret that photo sharing is sometimes complicated by local and international privacy laws. But what if you are inadvertently sharing your content without control over the transaction? Some photo apps might be stealing your photos and going against your privacy. 

While this might not seem much of a problem when your business is still small, as your company grows, privacy and data theft issues can affect your brand image, promote fraud, and affect your customers. Make sure to only use trustworthy apps and third-party providers.

Find the Right Platforms To Share Your Media

When creating the right visual identity for your business, it is not just about how much media you have to use – it is also about how you use it! If you are not sure how to start organizing, securing, and smartly sharing your media for best results, consider working in partnership with a marketing and social media expert. Thanks to these professionals’ help, you can make sure that your media is working harder for you, is consistent, safe, and kept organized across the company. 

Understand the Benefits of NFTsUnderstand the Benefits of NFTs

NFTs – or Non-Fungible Tokens – are undoubtedly an emerging technology, but one that has already revolutionized a range of fields, including photography, vintage items, antiques, collectibles, art, and digital art. Understanding the impact of NFTs on brand media and content is essential. 

Firstly, if an artist decided to create an NFT for their creations, they might retain the original without restricting the image and video usage. Additionally, your media and content can have an added mark of authenticity that you can leverage. Make sure to keep an eye on how this technology will develop!

Learn the Basics of Copyright Laws for Your Media

The media you create is an important asset for your business. It allows your brand to be immediately recognized by your customers, can help you build brand loyalty, and covers an essential role in creating a consistent message. 

Because of all of this, fraudulent activities and counterfeits should be avoided. Of course, you should always consider partnering with an expert lawyer. However, if you are at the beginning of your business, you have just designed your first logo, and you are running on a tight budget, you might consider the benefits of understanding the basics of copyright law – just to make sure that no fraudulent activity is happening around you.

Hire Professionals To Manage Your MediaHire Professionals To Manage Your Media

As your business continues to grow and develop, you might need to use a range of media and content pieces for your platforms. Some must-have pieces of media include:

  • Social media content – depending on the platform, you’ll create videos, images, GIFs, reels, and text
  • Your website – you will need text content, videos, images, and infographics
  • Essential media – logos and favicons will be anywhere on your products, services, and packaging

Because of how important media is in your business, it is crucial to hire experienced professionals who can help you keep your media safe and organized. If you already have an in-house or outsourced marketing professional or graphic designer, you might consider implementing a cloud system for everyone to have authorized access to important files and content. 

Use Cybersecurity Measures To Keep Your Files Safe

When dealing with your brand’s logo and other media and content, it is important to keep in mind the principles of brand safety. The right brand safety strategy allows you to have optimal control over how your media is shared and used, thus ensuring that is only positively impacting your brand image and reputation. 

After all, the media you develop and use as part of your marketing campaign is one of the most visible and popular aspects of your business. When something goes wrong, the impact on your business can be catastrophic. 

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