10 Things You Can Gift in Anniversary Hampers or Bundles    

Written By Alla Levin
January 07, 2022

10 Things You Can Gift in Anniversary Hampers or Bundles

So, you have a birthday or anniversary around the corner and just realized that you haven’t bought your friend anything yet. Don’t worry. If you forgot about it, it’s not too late to make up for it. But before buying any gift from the list of usual choices, why not give something different this time?

There are many reasons why you should opt for an anniversary hamper or bundle rather than a simple bouquet—or even a meal together. For one, it’s much more special and meaningful to receive something that was put together with thought and care by someone who knows you.

Hampers make for wonderful personal gifts since they contain items from the hearts of those who send them, essentially carrying their feelings for you in every nook and cranny.

The fact that countless hours have been spent putting them together also shows how much you value the person. If you need some inspiration on what to get as a part of a hamper, here are ten ideas to help you out.

Fragrant CandlesThings You Can Gift in Anniversary

According to market reports, household goods (durable goods), decoration, perfume, accessories, food and beverage, picture frames, and candles are among the top items you can give as a gift. It is an exciting and unique gift to include in a hamper. Every time the recipient lights it, they will be reminded of you!


There is hardly anyone who wouldn’t like a pleasant-smelling perfume as a gift. If there is a fragrance that you like or that is life by your partner, you can consider gifting them that along with some flowers and chocolates as an anniversary gift.

Bags and Purses

A new bag or purse is always a welcome gift, especially if it’s something they wouldn’t usually buy for themselves.


Printed photos are making a comeback, so why not print out some of your favorite memories together and put them in a photo album or frame?

Personalized Items

If you are a creative person, you could go the route of personalized gifts. You can customize anything from mugs to T-shirts to keychains with their name or initials.

Food Opulent

Who doesn’t love a good home-cooked meal? If you know their favorite dish, fill up a box with ingredients and give them the gift of cooking.

Coffee Mug

It is a fantastic gift idea if they’re fans of caffeine or coffee art. You can get mugs with just about anything on them—their name or initials, their favorite quote, an image from one of your memories together. The possibilities are endless.

Phone Case/Gadget Cover

Does your partner need a new phone? Get them a cover for it! Do they have a tablet? Get them a cover for it.

There are different varieties of phone cases and gadget covers you could choose from, personalized ones, those with funny quotes or cartoons, non-slip ones, waterproof covers, and many more.

Framed Art Print

It is an excellent option if you have exceptional memories of being together or if there’s something that reminds you both of home.

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