Luxury Golfing Resorts In Belek Turkey
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Some Of The Best Luxury Golfing Resorts In Belek Turkey

This is already noticeable in the ratings of the golf hotels. Three of the six best-rated 5-star hotels in Turkey are in Belek. I will show you the six best golf resorts in Belek and introduce you to excellent resorts according to guest reviews. The 5-star hotels in Belek stand for golf and high-class family holidays.

5 Star Hotels and Golf Resorts in Belek

I visited the golf resorts in Belek a few weeks ago at the invitation of ÖGER TOURS. This is my impression of the hotels and a description of their facilities to get a better overview.

Maxx Royal Hotel in Belek and “The Montgomerie Golf Complex” the best-rated hotel in Turkey

The Maxx Royal combines a large seaside club complex – with its golf course – the Montgomerie. It is a five-minute walk from the main building of the Maxx Royal. Of course, there are also regular shuttle services going back and forth between the Maxx and Montgomerie golf courses.

According to the average guest ratings of all-important rating sites, the Maxx Royal Belek is the best 5-star hotel in Turkey. This is reflected in the hotel, the food, and the rooms. For example, the standard rooms have their Jacuzzi on the balcony. The hotel also offers ultra all-inclusive vacations.

  • HolidayCheck: 99% / 1233 hotel ratings
  • com: 9.4 / 10 / 273 hotel reviews
  • TripAdvisor: 97% / 2539 hotel reviews
  • Google: 4.8/5 / 121 reviews
  • Facebook: 9/5 / 140 reviews
  • Overall rating: 96.8%

Regnum Carya Resort and Golf ClubRegnum Carya Resort and Golf Club

The Regnum was created as an extension of the Carya Golf Course in Belek. Since then, it has been one of the most exclusive hotels in Turkey. For example, in 2016, the G20 summit took place in Regnum. At that time, Barack Obama and Angela Merkel stayed at the hotel. According to guest reviews, the Regnum is currently the second-best hotel in Turkey. An exclusive golf holiday can therefore be perfectly combined with a stay in a very good resort at the Regnum.

Like the other high-class hotels in Belek, the Regnum relies on an ultra-all-inclusive offer. The Regnum clearly sees itself as one of “the” or “the” high-class hotels. The prices of the hotel are high, but everything is fine. In addition, there is the perfect location for golf vacationers and a very spacious hotel complex.

  • HolidayCheck: 97% / 184 hotel ratings
  • com: 9.4/10 / 438 hotel reviews
  • TripAdvisor: 96% / 355 hotel reviews
  • Google: 8/5/110 reviews
  • Facebook: 8/5 / 1270 reviews
  • Overall rating: 95.8%

Voyage Belek Golf & SpaVoyage Belek Golf & Spa

Voyage Belek is not a typical 5-star golf resort. Instead, it is a hotel for a pleasant family holiday. The direct proximity to the Maxx Royal Golf Complex and the Gloria Golf Course also makes it an exciting travel destination for golfers.

The Voyage is one of the few hotels in Belek with a very high proportion of regular German customers. Voyage rates are significantly cheaper compared to the other golf resorts. I recommend Voyage if you want to spend a pleasant vacation with family in Belek and occasionally visit the golf course.

  • HolidayCheck: 98% / 4083 hotel reviews
  • com: 8.9/10 / 84 hotel reviews
  • TripAdvisor: 95% / 4262 hotel reviews
  • Google: 8/5/50+ reviews
  • Facebook: 8/5 / 297 reviews
  • Overall rating: 94.8%

Luxury golfing resorts in Belek Turkey: Titanic Deluxe Belek and Golf ClubLuxury golfing resorts in Belek Turkey

The 5 star Titanic Deluxe Hotel and golf course is also a conference hotel and family hotel. The hotel has its own Titanic golf course. The National Golf Club in Belek is also within walking distance of the Titanic. A unique feature of the Titanic Belek is the 13,000m² spa area.

The Titanic’s only downside is its location on a river. You first have to take a five-minute ride on the hotel’s catamaran to the sandy beach of Titanic Belek. Overall I find the hotel to be immaculate and pleasant—both the facility and the feeling of being there. The hotel’s predominantly white decor and design are truly relaxing.

  • HolidayCheck : 88% / 1061 hotel reviews
  • com : 8.5 / 10 / 155 hotel reviews
  • TripAdvisor: 85% / 1892 hotel reviews
  • Google: 6/5/305 reviews
  • Facebook: 6/5 / 502 reviews
  • Overall rating: 88.4%

Cornella Deluxe ResortLuxury golfing resorts in Belek Turkey

This modern and cozy holiday resort is located along the coast and only 2 km from the Nick Faldo-designed Cornelia Golf Club and operates on all extensive grounds. The standard rooms, ranging from 35-40 m2, are very spacious and are fully equipped with a bathroom, hairdryer, telephone, TV, mini-bar, safe, and air conditioning. There are balconies with partial and complete sea views.

Deluxe Suite 100m2 is available, and on the balcony, there is a separate living room with a Jacuzzi where guests can relax and enjoy the sea view. Using only 100% organic products, CroSolar Eco Spa Center features two hot tubs, a heated indoor pool, an outdoor pool, a sauna, a steam room, and a fitness center. One of the great things about staying at the Cornelia Hotel is the easy access to the Nick Faldo-designed Cornelia Golf Club owned by the hotel.

Luxury golfing resorts in Belek Turkey: Kaya Palazzo Golf ResortLuxury golfing resorts in Belek Turkey

For the discerning guest, the Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort opened in 2013 and has 639 rooms ranging from 40m2 to 200m2 for three beachside VIP villas. The hotel has a variety of restaurants, including Turkish, Lebanese, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Italian international cuisine.

And from time to time, renowned chefs with world-famous Michelin stars will be invited. The hotel also has a summer entertainment program where many celebrities from Europe come to entertain guests. The extensive spa and wellness center has been successfully designed in the Ottoman style with some Finnish and Russian specialties.

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