How To Get Started With Microsoft Azure

Written By Alla Levin
March 17, 2022

How To Get Started With Microsoft Azure

Being engaged in azure consulting services, we will help you understand and deal with the question of how to get started with Microsoft Azure. Surely many business owners have wondered: Is it feasible to lower IT maintenance costs? or “Which IT infrastructure is best for the firm in 1,3,5 years?

Data storage security

Every businessman researches and solves strategic planning difficulties at various phases of his company’s growth. The IT industry has an entire division dedicated to security. A full-time IT security professional is required in major enterprises like banks. While everything else (security, locks, access control, etc.) is necessary, this is a different subject connected to IT. If a small or medium-sized firm cares about this, the decision should be made by the owner or management.

  • Do you understand “mask-show”?
  • Have you ever wondered “where to conceal the database server from the inspectors?”
  • Have you ever wondered what would happen if the inspection bodies got your managers’ mail?
  • “Due to a server failure, the database will take 1 hour or longer to recover” “The server is down, and portions will not be till tomorrow”
  • “We urgently need to create a report, please do not connect to the database for anybody”, and your ADMIN replied that nothing can be done with the present equipment, “need a new, more powerful server”
  • Have you ever called your accountant and stated, “Irina Anatolyevna, the driver will come for you, you need to pay, prepare a report, etc.”?
  • Your employee went on a business trip and sought the required paperwork on his computer or in the mail.
  • Have you heard of cases when a friend’s or partner’s mail server was hacked, exposing private communication to unknown parties or competitors?

Read on if you answered yes to at least some of the questionsget started with Microsoft Azure

Cloud Office Infrastructure is the solution to these and other questions

Your current computer resources and Microsoft Azure cloud resources are combined with Microsoft System Center to build hybrid or private clouds of unlimited complexity. We have developed and provided scenarios for implementation, both migrating an existing infrastructure or parts of it to the cloud and creating “from scratch” all the necessary server and network infrastructure (local and cloud).

The cost of rent is so low that the option of owning or renting a separate office is instantly eliminated. I can guarantee that our offer is so versatile and broad that we can answer any query, problem, or business assignment for you at the best possible price/quality.

We provide our clients with a complete solution that includes all essential software and equipment. You also get technical assistance and coordinated updates. The idea of All-Inclusive (all-inclusive) I’d name this “Office as a Service” (OaaS), like cloud services.

You will no longer require a huge crew of highly trained IT professionals or a system administrator if you work with us (permanent or sometimes coming.). Also, as mentioned below, no major capital investments on equipment or server infrastructure are required.

Discuss the primary advantages

  • You, your workers, and regional offices will always be able to access the workplace IT infrastructure (database, mail, personal, and shared documents) via the Internet from anywhere.
  • Since leased resources may be used anywhere, any employee can easily integrate into the office environment.
  • The service agreement guarantees 99.9% service and availability (operability), or less than 1 minute per week. Those possible service failures go undiscovered.
  • Using persistent backups and snapshots guarantees quick recovery.
  • The number of days between backups and snapshots is adjustable.
  • Computing resources can be readily scaled. A personal mobile phone may control the system.
  • You may set up automatic shutdown during non-working hours, weekends, holidays, extended vacations, etc.
  • On busy days, like reporting, you may speed up your servers.
  • Requests for parameter changes are usually responded to within a few minutes to an hour. Without any disruptions to apps or databases.
  • Your IT personnel or our skilled experts can manage resources.
  • There is no need to “puzzle” about how much processing power will be required to support growth in both staff count and data handled.
  • Prepaid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or yearly.
  • The first month is on us.

In any case, you can always follow the link and order services from us.

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