How to Pick the Perfect Sofa Bed Mattress For Your Home?

Written By Alla Levin
April 22, 2022

How to Pick the Perfect Sofa Bed Mattress For Your Home?

If you need a sofa bed for guests, or your family is looking to replace their old mattress with a single bed, knowing the factors which come into play when choosing one can be helpful. A review of the most popular sofa bed mattresses will help you decide what’s best for your needs. Sofa beds are for extra sleeping space, with some models having up to three separate beds. If your guests use it often, make sure the sofa bed mattress is comfortable and supportive enough for their needs.


A sofa bed is a furniture item that looks and feels and includes bedding and sleeping space. A sofa bed mattress is a type of mattress that you can use in a sofa bed. It features a foam or plush top layer that provides comfort for sleeping on it and usually has a different spring or coil layer for support.


Innerspring Mattress (also referred to as coil springs)

The innerspring mattress offers security but without pressure points. It doesn’t take up much space, so it’s perfect for those who want to use their sofa bed while also leaving room for other items in the bedroom. It’s best suited for people who only sleep there occasionally.

Sofa Bed Mattress For Home: Memory Foam MattressSofa Bed Mattress For Home Memory Foam Mattress

They consist of a viscoelastic foam that allows air circulation, keeping you cool and comfortable at the same time. The foam also absorbs pressure points, letting you sleep without any hassle. It is also great for those who want to use their bed for storage or activities other than sleeping. The memory foam ensures it keeps its shape even when not in use.

Innerspring Mattress with Gel or Latex

These mattresses offer the best combination between flexibility, weight, and comfort. Innerspring with gel or latex has a surface layer dotted with tiny beads that provide compression. These beads offer support while still allowing air to pass through the mattress, keeping you cool and comfortable.

Blanket Mattress

These mattresses have an innerspring cover, but the difference is that this one comes in a blanket-like material that keeps it warm and soft to the touch.


  1. Get comfortable – Take some time to lie down and sleep on the mattress before purchasing it. Start with a firm mattress, then gradually move to a softer one.
  2. Check the quality– Look at the quality of the materials and see if you can tell if it is new or used.
  3. Check the warranty – The quality of a particular product is determined by how long it will last and which company is behind it. Some manufacturers guarantee that their products will last for 3 or 5 years.
  4. Check the sales policy – If you purchase a twin mattress, make sure that it is the same size as the standard twin bed used in hotels. Also, check if you can return or exchange it should something go wrong.
  5. Check the price – In some cases, companies with higher prices have better quality standards and guarantees.
  6. Check the firmness – The softest mattresses usually have springs or foam underneath, which gives them their particular feel. You can check the bed’s firmness by checking its boost or curve.
  7. Check the length – The mattress must have the correct size to lie comfortably on it, and there is no risk of being trapped between the bed and the wall.
  8. Aesthetics – See if you like the color and design of a particular product before you purchase it. Some people buy mattresses because they are comfortable and not because they are aesthetically pleasing to their eyes.

Final Thoughts

If you are a heavier sleeper who goes to bed later in the evening or your family members are also heavy sleepers, I’d recommend you get something firmer. It is more important if your household includes pets that need to be let out frequently at night, like cats and dogs. If this is the case, go with a firm to medium-firm. If you are not sure whether your mattress should be firm or soft, you should look for recommendations from a physician and read mattress blogs similar to SleepMattress.

If you are looking for something soft and comfortable but more on the side of medium-firm, I’d recommend you buy something based on your height and build (if you don’t know what this means, have someone measure and adjust your mattress size accordingly).

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