4 Excellent Tips For Setting Up Your IVR

Written By Alla Levin
May 10, 2022
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4 Excellent Tips For Setting Up Your IVR

Customer experience is one of the most critical aspects of business success. When customers’ problems are solved on time, they feel valued and become loyal advocates of your brand.

Interactive Voice Response or IVR is one of the most popular ways to facilitate customer service and solve customer problems through an automated and interactive voice response.

As much as it is effective, many companies often face difficulties setting up their IVR for the first time. The IVR recording must feel natural, interactive, and not an escape route to person-to-person customer service.

If you need to set up an IVR for your business, here are four excellent tips that will help you do that.

Know your audience

Many businesses often fail to create an effective IVR, mainly because they don’t have sufficient insights into their audience. When you deeply understand your target audience, you know what kind of customer service they desire.

If your target audience is senior citizens, your IVR must be friendly and slow enough for the seniors to understand and comprehend. They will also need more time to take action in the In-call prompts. Therefore, you must learn more about your audience and what kind of customer service they need and desire.

Use the proper greeting

The most crucial aspect of IVR is relevancy. The content of the recording must be relevant to the audience. You need to choose the right opening lines to greet the customer. That way, they feel valued and welcomed. It is especially important for companies that make cold calls for sales.

Cold calling involves contacting people who haven’t shown an interest in your product or service before. The caller must be friendly and should greet the customer with the right message so that they don’t cut the call or don’t even give you the chance to put forward your offering. The proper greeting in your IVR will help break initial barriers with the customer and give you a good start.

Hire Professional IVR Recording companies

Every company must give customer service the utmost importance. Therefore you must consider hiring professionals to record your IVR. IVR recording companies have top-notch voice talent and vast experience in recording IVR and using the right message and voice tone for the IVR.

They also have the right skills and tools to achieve the highest voice quality. All the recordings are made in a state-of-the-art studio with high-quality recording devices. You don’t need to worry about the voice quality.

They also offer the recordings in the suitable audio format and filenames, so you don’t get confused while sorting or assigning the recording in your CRM or IVR system.

Use the same voice for the entire recording

It is essential to use the same voice for the entire recording as it shows continuity in the voice recording. Using different voices in your IVR can confuse the caller and break the continuity. They might also think that you don’t value customer service and don’t put enough thought into it. Therefore you must use the right voice artist to do all the recordings in one IVR.

IVR recording enables businesses to improve their customer service. When customers are satisfied, they are more likely to make repeated purchases and recommend your brand to their peers. That means investing your time and money to get professional IVR services can give you more sales and higher customer satisfaction.

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