The Best and Most Memorable Gift Ideas for Government Employees

Written By Alla Levin
May 13, 2022

The Best and Most Memorable Gift Ideas for Government Employees

When it comes to giving gifts to someone that works for the government, it can be quite challenging to get a grasp of the gifting rules and gifting etiquette that you have to follow.

As a general rule, if you are a person or company also working for the government, your gifts can not be more than a certain amount of money per each time and for the year total.

This monetary limit is $20 per gift. However, when it comes to receiving gifts from loved ones out of the governmental sector, monetary limits do not exist.

So what is a memorable gift you could give a governmental employee as a colleague or employer?

Government Challenge Coins

If you’re looking for a gift for governmental employees, government challenge coins are a great idea. It’s the perfect way to recognize an employee that has their own individual achievements.

These coins are easily customizable to make them meaningful to the person receiving them. The best part? They are under $10.

Natural Candiesgovernment challenge coins

During a long day at the office, it’s natural to want to reach over and grab a delicious piece of candy to munch on aimlessly.

Gifting caramels, chocolates, and other types of candies are perfect for someone who has a sweet tooth. You can even make sure that the candies are wrapped nicely to present as a gift.

Patriotic Socks

What better way to show off your patriotic spirit than to wear patriotic socks under your work attire? It’s the perfect way to feel patriotic while doing it in a subtle way and staying professional in the workplace.

PuzzlesMemorable Gift Ideas

If you know your colleague loves a good challenge, a puzzle is a great gift! Whether you get them a puzzle with a flower design, beautiful scenery, or the White House itself, you can’t go wrong.

But what’s even better than just a normal puzzle is a 3D puzzle. These puzzles pop up to make a 3D figure when they are complete. If you’re looking for a patriotic gift, their options range from the Statue of Liberty, the White House, and the U.S. Capitol Building.

In a few weeks, you may see your completed puzzle gift sitting on your colleague’s desk!

Coffee Sampler

As a governmental employee, the hours can be long and the work can get tough. But with a coffee sampler as a gift, it may make it a bit more bearable.

With a sampler, you are gifting your coworker with a few different types of coffee to try so that they can choose their new favorite! If you’re lucky, you may even get to enjoy a cup of coffee with them!

Flash Reflectors

If you are gifting to someone who works outside often, giving the gift of reflectors shows how much you care about them because it will keep them safe. They can go on bikes, backpacks, headphones, hats, and dog leashes!

Next time they are outside, they’ll feel safer than ever!

Stress ToysStress Toys

With over 40% of American employees reporting that their job is a stressful environment, gifting a stress toy will be a memorable gift.

Any time they feel stressed and reach for their stress toy, they’ll think of you! A stress ball, a fidget spinner, or a candle will help to reduce their stress.

A Gift Basket for the Office to Share

If you want to give a gift that costs a bit more, you’ll have to give a gift that the office can share. This way, you have a bit more wiggle room with what you can give.

Consider giving a gift basket that the office can share! There are also plenty of gift boxes out there that give back to the community and help a good cause as well.

Food Snack Box

Love With Food Snack Box is great for an office that loves to snack, especially if they enjoy snacks on the healthier side. The Love With Food Snack Box is all-natural, and every box gives a meal to a child in need.

Sun-Dried Tomatoes Gift Box

If your office space has a kitchen or a refrigerator, gifting a gift basket full of savory items that can be used over time is not only delicious but also meaningful.

The Bella Sun Luci Mediterranean Pantry gift basket is full of everything you could possibly need to make a charcuterie board just a bit better. With crackers, salami, tomato snacks, and tomato dips, there probably won’t be any leftovers.

Cookie Gift Box

If you want to go the sweeter route, give a cookie gift box to the office. You can choose the flavors you get and some places even allow you to decorate the cookies with a custom saying or a custom photo!

No one will ever forget a cookie gift box if the cookies are customized to the office’s liking.

Memorable Gift Ideas for Governmental Employees

As difficult as it can be to give a memorable gift to a governmental employee, there are a few types of gifts that will be meaningful, affordable, and ethical for governmental employees!

Whether you buy an individual gift under $20 for a colleague or go the route to buy a gift for the entire office, and choose to gift a puzzle or a stress toy, you will impact someone.

If you enjoyed reading about the gifting rules in the governmental realm, don’t forget to browse our website for more articles like this one.

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