Camping Advice For The Upcoming Music Festival
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Camping Advice For The Upcoming Music Festival You Attend

If you’ve been to a lot of music festivals, camping at one of them is one of the best and most fun things that you can do there. If you do not make adequate preparations, however, your first camping trip could end up being a sloppy and uncomfortable experience.

You will need the appropriate camping tent and equipment for the festival, as well as the knowledge to properly pitch your tent, pack appropriately for both the day and the night, and plan your meals and finances accordingly.  This, however, does not imply that you need to be an expert in order to enjoy your very first trip.

The following advice is intended to assist you in making the most of your time spent camping at the next music festival that you attend.

Camping Advice For Music Festivals And Events: MakePrior Preparations

Once you have decided which music festival you want to attend, the next step is to purchase all of the necessary tickets and camping passes.  Do some research on the website to find out what resources are available for camping at the particular music festival site, as well as the dos and don’ts. Check the dimensions of the camping area you will be used to determine the size of the tent you should bring with you.

If you want to pitch your tents next to each other, some festivals require you to arrive at the same time in order to do so. Therefore, it is important that you organize your group’s arrival time. It is also best to determine everything you need, what each person should bring, and agree on how the costs will be split.

Organize the logistics of the transportation. Make sure that you have transportation to your destination arranged in advance if you are going to be flying.

Choose the appropriate tent Camping Advice

Bringing along just any old tent to a festival campsite could end up being a mistake. You should get a good one to keep you safe from the mud and dust that are common during the festivals. Take into account the weight and size of your tent as well.

In spite of its portability, it ought to be capacious enough to accommodate the number of guests you intend to entertain. A good piece of advice is to bring along a blackout tent or a tall person tent so that you are able to sleep and walk around in your tent comfortably.

However, given that most music festivals are crowded places, you shouldn’t spend an excessive amount of money on the tent because it’s possible that your shelter will take the majority of the abuse. Look for affordable tents that are made of high-quality materials so that they can withstand the difficulties and weather conditions that are anticipated.

Again, it would be helpful to make your tent memorable so that you can locate it even when there are a lot of people nearby and it is dark. You have the option of purchasing a tent in a bright color, painting it a dark color, or bringing along a visible flag to attach to it.

Consider the purposes that can be served by the tent. During the night, you and your friends should be able to sleep there, but during the day, you should be able to maintain your privacy and engage in the activities of your choosing.

Also, make sure to bring the following tent accessories, which you might find useful while you’re out camping:

  • A fly cover provides supplementary protection against the heat of the sun;
  • Use a ground tarp to keep your tent floor dry, clean, and well-insulated;
  • Tent rugs add a homey touch and protect your shelter from dirt;
  • Keep your shelter clean with wipes, paper towels, and trash bags;
  • Repair kit.

Pack the necessary equipment and supplies

Packing for a music festival camping trip can be challenging, especially if you want to bring everything you need. Reduce it to the essentials to avoid transportation and storage issues.

The following are the camping essentials:

  • Sleeping bag;
  • Inflatable mattress;
  • Bedding;
  • Socks, thick jumper, waterproof jacket, rain shoes, undies and bras, sleepwear, sandals, walking shoes, and bathing suits;
  • Personal items like toothpaste, travel shampoo, sunscreen, lotion, razors, hairbrush, vitamins, pain medicine, and first aid kits;
  • Towel, phone charger, lighter, torch, cash, sunscreen;
  • Good speakers;
  • You’ll need camping cookware if you plan to cook, including a portable stove, a camping cooler, camping utensils, cleaning supplies, and a camping coffee percolator if you love coffee;
  • Camp chairs;
  • Earplugs;
  • Insect repellent.

It is best not to carry around your ostentatious possessions, such as pricey family heirlooms, watches, and golden chains, because you will likely feel extremely let down if any of these things are damaged or go missing.

Setting up your tent correctly

After you have arrived at your campsite, the first thing you need to do is set up your tent before heading to the concert. By doing this, you ensure that everything goes smoothly and that you are prepared to relax after the festival.

Here are some helpful hints for correctly erecting your tent:

  • Don’t set up your tent near paths to avoid nighttime stumbles;
  • Don’t pitch your tent near the toilets to avoid horrible smells and noise;
  • Find a flat spot to pitch, not at the bottom of hills or under falling trees.

Sleeping at the campsiteSleeping at the campsite

Even though many people do not place a high priority on sleep, getting enough hours of rest each night helps your body get ready for the next day’s activities. The following is a list of suggestions for getting a restful night’s sleep while camping at a music festival:

  • Lock your tent—Locking your tent prevents potential thieves, drunks, or lost campers from entering your shelter inadvertently and disturbing you. Locking your tent also deters lost campers;
  • Wear earplugs to sleep through camp noise;
  • If you don’t lock your tent, don’t keep valuables near the entrance;
  • Too much alcohol can disrupt sleep and cause tiredness;
  • Wear an eye mask to sleep through morning sun rays.

Cooking at music festivals

Cooking at festivals is convenient and cost-effective. If you plan on preparing meals at the campsite, make sure to follow the following advice:

  • Carry all the necessary camping cookware, but double-check what is not permitted because it will be confiscated;
  • Don’t bring perishables like fish and meat. Eat dry carbohydrate-rich food to stay energized. Choose fresh fruits that last, like oranges and apples;
  • Cook together to save money.

Security measures

The music festivals will attract a large number of people, so it is essential to practice caution while there. Always keep your valuables on you, and if there are some things you simply cannot bring with you, think about placing them in a safe box that can be buried or otherwise secured. During the day and the night, you have the option to lock your tent in order to protect it from potential intruders and thieves.

Other general suggestions

Other general tips for your next music festival camping trip include:

  • After you’ve pitched your tent, take a walk around to familiarize yourself with amenities like showers and bathrooms;
  • When you have time, take advantage of the camp’s other services, such as interactive games and seminars;
  • Most venues have general stores where you can get any last-minute items;
  • Bring some cash with you in case you need to buy something at the festival;
  • Campfires should be avoided because the area is densely populated, and you risk burning your equipment and yourself.

Key Takeaways

When you think about camping at a music festival, there is no need to get worked up about it. With the tips above, you’re ready to go and enjoy one of the fascinating experiences that avid campers swear by. Don’t forget to talk about your experience with the people you care about and make some new friends.

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