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9 Ways to Keep Business Secure Online and Off

It’s not easy to keep your business secure, both online and offline. You might be great at one or the other. You can provide excellent safety to your business with old and new security methods that work. These include paying attention to both time-tested techniques and advanced and modern ones. But you can provide a good all-round safety plant by doing the following.

Emphasize On-Site Security

It is essential to protect your business’s physical assets. Those include your building, staff, and property. The employees need protection from criminals entering the building and from each other. There are millions of workplace assaults reported in the USA alone.

As a result, security needs to respond appropriately. When it comes to your property, you must be prepared to protect it from theft and corporate espionage. But protection such as level 3 body armor and authorized weapons might be required in more challenging situations with threat response.

Keep Your Business Secure with Smart TechKeep Business Secure Online

Until recently, security consisted of blurry CCTV images, which were not very useful. Now 4K security cameras are directly connected to your smartphone. Watching your business premises in real-time is one of the benefits of monitored alarm systems.

Also available are advanced security features such as lock tampering alerts, digital access restrictions, and biometrics. However, standard cameras aren’t adequate for a world that is becoming increasingly sophisticated. So secure your connected systems and your cybersecurity with vigilance.

Include Cybersecurity Strategies

The majority of new technology these days is connected to a network. These networks are further linked to the internet. Connecting to the internet exposes you to the risk of being attacked. It would help if you had a cybersecurity plan in place. But you shouldn’t worry, because it’s easy to set up.

A network needs only to be managed by someone knowledgeable about anti-malware solutions. You could also hire a managed IT service for a fraction of the cost. However, you should also know that most breaches are caused by employees.

Invest in Good Traditional and Smart Locks

Every day, crimes such as theft and criminal damage occur around the world. In the UK alone, over 600,000 crimes are committed against businesses each year. This equates to a staggering amount per person. Installing CCTV and conducting regular checks is a great start.

However, you should ensure the locks on your premises are of good quality. For gates and enclosed areas, padlocks are a highly effective security measure. They can, however, be broken. For precious items, consider steel doors with advanced access controls or smart locks.

Exercise On-Site User Access ControlExercise On-Site User Access Control

Prior to the advent of access control at corporate offices, it was the domain of high-level government buildings. However, this technology has become affordable now, so there’s no reason you can’t use it in your organization. The benefits of access control are numerous.

  • Preventing corporate espionage from a rival company.
  • Reducing unqualified tampering by enthusiastic employees.
  • Restricting access to sensitive or private data you are liable for.
  • Keeping thieves from accessing valuables and patents.
  • Controlling the flow of information inside your company.
  • Disallowing accidental access by delegates or visiting clients.
  • Preventing accidental injury by someone not familiar with the area.

You can restrict access relatively easily. For example, codes or keycards can be issued to employees that will only allow access to areas they need access to. The receptionists at your business don’t need access to your on-site server areas or cash storage facilities, for example.

Provide Ongoing Training

Your company should train employees properly no matter what job they do. Whether someone is in charge of custodial tasks or operating heavy machinery, it is your responsibility to ensure the building or that inside aren’t in danger. Failure to comply will result in hefty legal penalties if an unfortunate incident occurs.

Your business could be impacted extensively if one of your employees claims personal injury. Moreover, cyber-related issues arise since employees are not trained on viruses and passwords. To enforce password policies and train about cybersecurity.

Always Have a Data Backup PlanData Backup Plan

A business can suffer huge losses when its data is lost. Many companies cannot recover from data loss because it is such a significant issue. Additionally, data loss can have legal implications, such as the loss of employee records and customer credit card information. This is unacceptable.

Backups are easy and cost almost nothing to restore. A managed IT service can assist you in storing and restoring data. Additionally, there are many cloud-based data backup services designed specifically for businesses, such as Backblaze and CrashPlan.

Check Employee Records Before Hiring

Your business can be threatened from within as well as from the outside. Knowing whom you hire is therefore imperative. Employees have certain rights to privacy, but it is possible to find a lot of information about them legally.

They might have lied when applying for a job at your company if you know this information. A person’s criminal history can be legally checked, for example. We should give people opportunities to succeed. However, a convicted child abuser might not be the best hire for a care home. So stay vigilant and check references carefully.

Provide Backup Power

Power outages are always possible. Without electricity, the security system may be compromised. However, your advanced systems require electricity, so traditional locks and bolts offer excellent security. A power outage could affect one or more of your systems.

You can overcome this issue by ensuring your security system has uninterrupted power. When it comes to computer-based systems, UPS systems are ideal for saving data. Standard power generators allow the facilities to maintain power for longer, but still with limits as to how long.

Keep Business Secure Online: Summary

You can keep your business secure in many ways. These include online security as well as offline. The best methods include on-site security personnel, physical and computer-based user access control, and ongoing training. But it’s also helpful to have data backup plans. Further, a mixture of traditional padlocks and modern smart locks helps cover all your bases in an event.

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