Things To Do In Arizona This Summer
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Top Things To Do In Arizona This Summer

If you still have no idea what to do for the summer, you can visit Arizona, one of the largest cities in the USA. It is a year-round destination, so you won’t miss the season. There is always something to do in the area, which is why it attracts millions of tourists annually. After reading about the following activities available in Arizona, you will be fully prepared for the best trip in the ‘Copper State’.

Visit The Grand Canyon

An Arizona trip is nothing without visiting the Grand Canyon. An official nickname for this state is ‘The Grand Canyon State’, so more the reason to make this place your top priority. It was one of the wonders of the world and it was on the list for a reason.

Plan a whole day to see this remarkable sight. It is better to start early and dedicate your entire day to exploring. You can go on your itinerary or you could leave that to the tour guide. There are many tours available depending on what you are looking for.

Whatever your plan is, wear your most comfortable shoes. The Grand Canyon should be visited on foot. There are many trails available but if you are new to intense hiking on a very hot day, go along the more used trail.

Scottsdale Shopping SpreeScottsdale Shopping Spree

Scottsdale is a city close to the state capital, Phoenix, and is widely known for attracting shopping tours from the area. It boasts vintage stores that offer high-quality fashion and antiques. Also, local designers and artists can provide you with the most unique pieces of clothing and jewelry. 

Plus, if you have some old jewelry that’s no longer trendy, you can also use the opportunity to find a jewelry buyer in Scottsdale and get some extra cash. You can later use the money to buy yourself something new that will remind you of Arizona each time you take a look at it.

Take A Stroll Around The OdySea Aquarium

While you are still in Scottsdale, make time to see The OdySea Aquarium. It is the largest aquarium in the Southwest United States and they are open till the evening. It is a great attraction for families with children. What could be a more fun experience for kids than seeing the penguins and learning how the sea world works?

It is a never-ending inspiration for the little ones. It is an educational and interactive experience. They offer touch exhibits where you can pet and even feed the animals. This marine aquarium has 370 species you can learn about.

Hot Air Balloon Flight Over PhoenixHot Air Balloon Flight Over Phoenix

This is by far the most romantic thing you can do in Arizona which is why many people decide to propose to their partners on the spot. It is also recommended for families to share this incredible moment with their parents and siblings.

The best time of day for this is either sunrise or sunset. The colors of the sky are like no other when up in the air. You are overlooking the Sonoran Desert from the most beautiful spot possible and enjoying the fresh air. Make sure you are hiring a company certified by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). Your safety is the first thing you should think about when you are flying high in the air.

Visit Roosevelt Row Arts District 

We should always respect the talent and uniqueness of local artists and you can do this at Roosevelt Row (RoRo) in Phoenix. This district is rich in murals and street art on every corner. Each piece is vibrant in color and represents the locals and the culture.

The so-called First Friday Art Walk is the best time to visit. The event is once a month. The attendees from different backgrounds showcase their art. Besides various art-related venues and galleries, you can enjoy food and drinks from local bars and food trucks.

Things to do in Arizona this summer: the takeaway

Arizona has so much more to offer and it is advisable you learn more about the state so you arrive prepared. This place is both for those who plan their whole vacation and those who like to explore on the go. It is artsy and entertaining in the cities, but most fascinating in the wild. No matter what you are up for, you will have an unforgettable experience.

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