5 Ways To Generate Google Reviews for Business

Written By Alla Levin
July 13, 2022

5 Ways To generate Google Reviews for Your Business

Gone are the days when customers were unaware of the significance of business reviews. With the internet, information asymmetry is no longer a concern for customers. Today, customers’ feedback holds a higher value than the claims of the business itself. Here’s how you can utilize Google reviews to attract more customers and boost sales.

Start With Creating A Google Business Profile

To increase your business’s visibility and reach, you need to have a business profile start. Any company aims to have its web page on top of any search engine result page (SERP). The first step in personal reputation management should be using Google My Business, an online free tool, to appear in potential customers’ searches.

To get started with the business profile, all that is needed is a Google account. You will see an online form to put all your information in. With that done, Google will require a few days to verify your business details. The information you will be required to give include:

  • The name of your business;
  • Your contact details;
  • The location of your business;
  • The business category you will be serving;
  • The scope of your business and areas being served;

You want your customers to know where they can share their experiences. By creating a short link to the Google My Business review page, you can place it strategically on your social handles and include it in your emails.

Be Straightforward And AskWays To Generate Google Reviews for Business

In most cases, customers only update their reviews and provide feedback when they have had an unpleasant experience with a business. Even the most satisfied customers usually do not take the time to rate your business. What can you do then? Just ask them. Studies show that more than half of the customers you ask leave their feedback. All they need is a little nudge, so do not hesitate to contact your customers.

A tailored email or message can go a long way regarding personal reputation management. One way to enhance the chances of getting reviews is to track the customer life cycle with your business and the repeat customers. These are the loyal individuals who have been using your business’s value proposition for quite some time now, and they would most probably be happy to vouch on your behalf.


One proven method in retail reputation management must be offering your customers a reward for a review. Customers are most motivated to participate when they have just recently consumed your product or service. It is the best time to follow up with them. You can do so using email or a direct message.

Maximize the chances of their ratings by attaching an incentive with the request. For example, you can offer them a 5% off coupon for their next purchase for their valuable feedback or a one-time free delivery. You can include other offers here, like recommending a friend using referral codes. It will help you get reviews as well as increase sales. Ensure that you have a clear CTA so the customers know how to engage.

Prompt Response To The Reviews

No business wants a bad review. Not only is it harmful to its reputation, but dealing with it requires a challenging skill set. However, the first rule of personal online reputation management is to acknowledge the sentiments of all of your customers.

Even if that means having to face criticism. Respond to all the reviews you get as promptly as you can. Thank the ones who have been appreciative and provide solutions for the ones who show dissatisfaction. Businesses that reply to their customers’ reviews are perceived to be significantly more credible and trustworthy.

As a business, ensure you get back to each query and review within 24 hours to be more effective. When customers feel that their input is valuable and they are being heard, they are more likely to engage in the future and have a positive image of you.

Generate Google Reviews for Business: Create A Review TutorialWays To Generate Google Reviews for Business

Manage google reviews smartly and break down the review process in a simple yet interactive and exciting video. Some customers, especially the less tech-savvy ones, are reluctant to provide feedback as they see it as a complex procedure.

them wrong with a step-by-step guide in a video form and make it easier for them. While creating and editing the video, keep it concise and use layman terminology. Once the video is made,  place it in the emails and on your website next to the CTA button.

Impact your search rankings and enhance the credibility of your business using Google Reviews. In today’s digital time, no potential customer purchases without doing their survey. You need to level up your game to have higher conversions. The tips above will help you generate more reviews and increase loyalty among existing customers.

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