Find The Best GPS Tracker For Biking adventures With These Steps

Written By Alla Levin
July 26, 2022

Find The Best GPS Tracker For Your Biking Adventures With These Steps

It’s awful to lose a bike, despite investing so much money in bike locks. Getting a bicycle stolen is a violation, whether it’s a modest city bike or a pricey mountain or road cycle. Bike theft is quite common in the United States and other areas of the world.

People are sometimes motivated to steal bikes since it is difficult to trace them down manually. A good bicycle GPS tracker might mean distinguishing between finding your stolen bike and never riding it again. Avoiding theft is preferable, but if your bicycle goes missing, a bike GPS tracker might make all the difference

How Does The GPS Tracker Work?

A GPS tracking system for bicycles offers information about its precise location, allowing it to provide specifics about where the bike is. It also monitors movement through the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network, made up of satellites.

It connects with GPS trackers to provide data on the item/person being tracked, its geolocation, direction, time, and speed. GPS tracking systems transmit specific satellite signals decoded by a receiver.

These receivers track the GPS device’s exact location and the time and velocity it is going. Then the data is delivered on the app connected to the specific device, and you can see the position of your bike in seconds.

GPS Tracker For Biking: What Do You Need In A GPS Tracker For Your Bike?GPS Tracker For Biking

If you are investing in a GPS tracker might as well do your research and buy the best one in the market well; lucky for you, save those web pages and search engines because we did that for you. Here are some essential characteristics of a good bike tracker:

  1. A Good Battery – No one wants to change their tracker’s batteries constantly. Nevertheless, for some people, this will be more significant than for others. If you use your bike for everyday commuting, get a tracker with a fantastic battery.
  2. User Friendly – Bike trackers are sophisticated pieces of technology. However, regardless of how sophisticated they are behind the seat, they must be straightforward for us to install. That is, the bike tracker should be simple to connect to the mobile application (that should also be simple to use), and the gadget should be simple to attach to the bicycle. A lot of times, we use trackers for our children’s bikes; these trackers should be easier to handle specifically since a child would be dealing with it.
  3. Should Be Concealed – Because there are few locations to hide a GPS tracker on a bicycle, make sure your aperture is disguised and tiny in size. It should be hidden so that no one can find and remove the tracker. If the tracker is simple to remove and discard, it defeats the whole purpose of buying a tracker. 

Here are three strategies:

  • Attempt to conceal the bike tracker fully (inside the frame;)
  • Attempt to disguise the bike tracker as anything else (in the bike light;)
  • Make it clear that a GPS tracker safeguards the bike by putting a sticker.
  1. Tracking that works! Of course, this is the most vital task a bike tracker can have. As we’ll see, there are significant distinctions in how they operate. GPS bike trackers use satellite communication to communicate with your smartphone. And they normally need a Card reader to do so. The main benefit of GPS bike trackers is that they deliver precise, real-time position info directly to your phone, from an extended reach and irrespective of anything or anybody else. In other words, if the tracker can link to a GPS satellite and your smartphone can link to a GPS satellite, you’ll be able to see your bike’s precise location no matter how far away it is (accurate to within 3 or 4 meters). Make sure to buy a tracker that works in the low network as well.
  2. Gives You Alerts. There is no point in having a GPS tracker that doesn’t alert you or notify you when your bike is being stolen. Like a car security system, look for a GPS tracker that makes alert noises or sends notifications to you when your bike is being tampered with, or the tracker is being removed. A tracker that alerts you can prevent your bike from being stolen in the first place instead of you tracking it afterward.

Saing Your Bike -Tips And TricksSaing Your Bike -Tips And Tricks

According to FBI figures, about 1.5 million bicycles are robbed each year, with another 2 to 3 million possibly remaining undetected in the United States. Bike theft has evolved into a major crime that has resulted in significant economic damage.

Bike theft costs $350,000 in the United States. One in every five riders will have their bikes stolen during the first six months of ownership. Only 2.4 percent of stolen motorcycles are found. Safeguard your bicycles from thieves by learning some efficient bike theft prevention measures. 

  • Purchase security cameras.
  • Write down your bike’s serial number.
  • Get a GPS gadget for your bike.
  • Purchase bike insurance.
  • Get the proper bike locks, such as a U-lock.
  • Never keep your bicycle unlocked in an unprotected location overnight.
  • After purchasing the bike, save the receipt.
  • Avoid parking motorcycles in congested locations.
  • Protect your driveway from break-ins because you keep your bikes, automobiles, and other valuables.

GPS tracker for biking PRO TIP: Run To Craigslist 

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to locate your stolen bike is to use Craigslist. Bike thieves typically steal bikes and resell them quickly on Craigslist, Kijiji, eBay, Gumtree, and other similar sites since they don’t want to have their “crime evidence” for too long.

Another piece of advice – if you find the stolen bike on these portals, do not go to the dealer alone. Instead, contact the police. They are trained and experienced in dealing with these situations and may be able to get the bicycle back more swiftly and safely.

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