Top Google Map Features That Make Trip Planning A Bliss This Summer

Written By Alla Levin
July 29, 2022
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Top Google Map Features That Make Trip Planning A Bliss This Summer

After a chaotic phase of struggling with the coronavirus pandemic since early 2020, the world has mostly gone back to normalcy. So, thankfully, you no longer have to enjoy internet-based casino games, for example, on sites like GreenCasino within the confines of your home. Instead, you can enjoy the games on your daily commute as you wait in line for your morning coffee or, better still, visit a brick-and-mortar platform for real-world action.

Speaking of a covid-free world, it is the best time to travel for globetrotters, especially now that we are in the summer. And if you want to plan the perfect trip, Google Maps is your go-to app.

Besides providing detailed and accurate directions for any mapped destinations, it has many more features that will make your travel plans much easier. Here’s a quick highlight of some of the best Google Maps features:

Navigate Through Airports, Malls, and Transit Stations

When you want to reach a specific destination, the Google Maps app provides detailed directions on how to walk, drive or take public transportation. Naturally, it also allows you to avoid traffic jams by giving alternate routes. The application also highlights the main attractions of the area as well as hotels and shopping centers where you can get something to eat and drink.

Before leaving, use Google Maps in an airport or train station to ensure you’re heading towards your desired gate or platform. If you plan on renting a car at your destination, look for the car rental center on the map and create a route from your airport terminal.

Browse Google Maps to See How Busy a Place IsTop Google Map Features

Are you planning a trip within your city, or do you plan to visit a specific venue? Use Google Maps to browse the location or business, and you’ll see a real-time chart indicating how crowded the platform is.

After you select a general area, for instance, a town or riverwalk, you’ll automatically receive insights about the busyness of the location. The ‘Busy Area’ busyness icon will pulse, and you can zoom in to view more information about the place.

The info comes complete with a bar graph and the venue’s average business at different day hours.

Track Your Trip Itinerary in Google Maps

If you have a busy schedule that needs you to run from one place to another, Google Maps will come in handy. It can help you keep track of your itinerary as the app can show you your restaurant reservations, car rental, flight, and lunch appointments. You won’t have to sift through many emails just to confirm the numbers, venues, and check-in times.

To preview your upcoming reservations, you can quickly follow these steps in the Google Maps app:

  • Tap the ‘Saved’ tab in the bottom row of the menu;
  • Click ‘Reservations’ to see a list of your reservations. Google automatically pulls the data from your emails in Gmail;
  • Top on the item for more information, such as date and location, about the reservation;
  • You could also use the Google Maps search box and type ‘my reservations’ to check out the list of your bookings;

Make a Restaurant Reservation Right in Google Maps

Besides checking restaurant reviews and pictures, you can also use Google Maps to make a reservation within the app. You can book a spot by selecting a restaurant of your choice, and then in the pop-up window, join a waitlist or reserve a table. However, this option is not available to all restaurants.

Find EV Charging Spots and Gas StationsFind EV Charging Spots and Gas Stations

If you’re planning to use your electric vehicle to get around town, you will want to know where the nearest charging stations are. Google Maps will assist you in finding EV charging stations along your route, and the data will come complete with estimated waiting times for each available port.

Additionally, you can filter your EV charging station search by connector types such as Tesla, CCS or J1772 to ensure that you are directed only to stations compatible with your EV.

Explore the City with Google Maps

If you’re looking for something fun to do but are tired of going to the same places, Google Maps will allow you to explore new parts of your city. Just go to the app to find out if there are any hidden gems or exciting places worth visiting.

The app will also let you know where the next event is happening and what it entails so that you won’t miss out on any crucial details. For example, if a concert is coming up in town, through Google Maps, it’s easy to find out what tickets are available and how much they cost.

So, the next time you plan a trip, don’t forget to take a peek into Google Maps. You will be surprised by how much the application comes in handy when you need information during your travels!

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