What is NYCOSH, and How Can They Help You

Written By Alla Levin
August 02, 2022

What is NYCOSH, and How Can They Help You

New York City Organizing for Occupational Safety and Health is the local New York City chapter of the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health. NYCOSH works to improve the health and safety of workers in New York City through research, advocacy, outreach, and worker education.

What can NYCOSH Do for You?

NYCOSH holds free monthly workshops on workplace hazards such as ergonomics, heat stress, fire safety, fall prevention, and more. There are also periodic NYU-led workshops on ergonomics at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering; these offer an opportunity to get a personalized assessment of your workstation environment by expert faculty. NYCOSH is reviewing fatal construction accidents in NYC as a resource to help prevent future accidents.

NYCOSH also assists in organizing and bargaining. Ongoing campaigns include New York City Transit workers and a recent victory at the Raytheon plant in Queens, where the company was forced to rehire a fired pro-union employee.

NYCOSH is a liaison between workers, their unions, and other organizations supporting occupational safety and health.

Benefits of Having NYCOSH:

Provides workers with information on work-related accidents

The primary function of NYCOSH is to provide the latest information on workplace injury, illness, and fatality. Public speakers from NYCOSH go to workers’ places of work to provide workers with critical health and safety information.

Provides organizations with information on OSHA compliancefatal construction accidents in NYC

OSHA is the primary regulatory body for occupational safety and health in the United States, and NYCOSH provides the latest information on OSHA standards. Our resources include fact sheets and safety videos regularly updated by OSHA.

Provides workshops and talks to workers at work sites on workplace safety and health

In addition to offering free workshops to workers at their place of work, NYCOSH also provides presentations on various topics of interest to workers. These presentations cover various topics, including ergonomics, heat stress awareness, fire safety, fall prevention, hazardous waste management, and more.

Provides workers with assistance in organizing and bargaining

NYCOSH assists workers in various workplace campaigns, including wages, benefits, hours, and working conditions. NYCOSH also assists organizations in their efforts to comply with OSHA standards through an outreach program that educates employees on their rights and responsibilities as workers.

Provides workers with assistance in pursuing court action against employers who have violated occupational safety and health standards

NYCOSH assists injured workers by advising them on the Worker’s Compensation system, legal help with work-related cases, and assistance in settling claims against employers who have violated OSHA standards.

Provides workers with advocacy and training on occupational safety and health issues

NYCOSH provides workers with information on the health and safety of their workplace and works to educate them on their rights and recommendations on how to make their workplace safer.

Many organizations conduct research and identify hazards and prioritize the information. However, few organizations assist employees in various ways to reduce workplace hazards. NYCOSH is one such organization. If you work in New York City, then NYCOSH can help you understand your rights as a worker and how you can play an active role in reducing workplace hazards.

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