The 3 Best Ways To Use Fantasy Sports To Make Money

Written By Alla Levin
August 03, 2022

The 3 Best Ways To Use Fantasy Sports To Make Money

Fantasy sports have become extremely popular over the last few years. Playing the fantasy sport of your choice adds another dimension to the game that helps you enjoy it even more. Even people who aren’t sports fans love playing fantasy since it can be so competitive, and you don’t have to know a lot about sports to enjoy it.

These days, people use fantasy sports to make some extra money. With the rising cost of living, it is a fun way to add a side hustle to your life without needing to pick up a second job. In this article, we will go over several ways to use fantasy sports to make some extra money.

Play daily leagues

One thing that tends to keep some people from wanting to play fantasy sports is a long commitment. They are afraid that throughout the season that they may lose interest or get too busy to be able to play.

Although this is a legitimate concern, playing for an entire season isn’t the only option. There are daily leagues for just about every sport. Every sport has a daily league in which you draft your team, get a matchup, and then the season finishes at the end of the day.

This is good because of the lack of commitment and because you can make more money this way. Since you can win every day, there is far more money to be made if you have the time to play a few days per week. Just do your research with sites like Stokastic and ensure you’re prepared for every daily season to give yourself the best odds to win.

When you don’t feel very confident about the games on the slate for a given day, you can sit that day out without losing any money or time since there is no commitment.

Be the commissionerBe the commissioner

For every league, whether it’s a daily or season-long version, there needs to be a commissioner to keep things organized and running efficiently. The commissioner sets the ground rules for how the draft will go, how points are scored, and any other rules the owners need to follow to ensure a smooth season.

It is sometimes a lot of work, so the person who volunteers to do the job is compensated. Part of the owners’ buy-in will go toward paying the commissioner to make it worth it for them to do this extra work.

Play different sports

It is possible to play fantasy all year since different sports have different seasons. It makes sense to diversify the leagues you play to give yourself the best chance to win some money.

Anything can happen during a sports season, so it is important to hedge your bets by having other leagues that you play.

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