Top 5 Face Swap Tools That You Can Have Fun

Written By Alla Levin
August 22, 2022

Top 5 Face Swap Tools That You Can Have Fun

Have you ever considered how you could appear if someone else faced you? One of the most popular phenomena now sweeping social media platforms is face swap. Yes, you hear that right!

Internet users worldwide are insanely addicted to looking at pictures of their faces as babies and as adults. Face swapping apps are utilized for amusing distractions; however, using deep fake films to portray someone falsely can be pretty hazardous.

What is Face Swapping?

Face swapping is a practice in which one person’s face is swapped with the faces of another person, an animal, or an inanimate object, most frequently with the use of a special software or app filter. Face swapping is the process of changing a person’s face while keeping their body and surroundings in the context of photos or videos.

Let’s go on to our list of the top 5 face swap tools now that the disclaimer has been addressed.

Face Swapper. Ai ( Swapper. Ai

Pricing: It is free but also comes with monthly plans that enable some cool features.

Due to its flawless yet faultless artificial intelligence services, this software, which was only created this year, has quickly become quite popular. With the help of the online face-swapping program Face Swapper, you may swap out your face with any other face of your choosing. The most intriguing aspect of face swapper AI is its capacity to increase the realism of all the transformations significantly.

You don’t need to switch faces manually; as soon as you upload the face images, their AI system will process them automatically and take care of the task for you. Isn’t that amazing? Additionally, it has been released for Android and IOS mobile app development.


  • It is easy to use;
  • It is convenient;
  • They take no right over your images, videos, or email address.


  • They can cancel your subscription without informing you
  • Not many functions are available.

Face Swapper (

Pricing: The plan starts from around $13 to $29. However, the free plan is still available, but the picture quality won’t be good enough.

The AI technology this face-swapping website uses allows it to recognize faces in photographs and replace them with any other faces you choose. This image may be one of a celebrity or another individual.

Face Swapper ensures user safety and maintains the privacy and security of all user-submitted images. This website keeps a record of the images you’ve viewed, which you can easily clear at any time.

Your saved photos on the website will be erased and completely gone if you clear them. The software also supports music and graphics, so this is not its sole benefit. We’re confident that our other designers would be curious to learn more about this software.


  • It is easy to use;
  • It has a lot of functions;
  • It is convenient;
  • They prefer safety over everything.


  • It is costly;
  • The UI is not very good;
  • It is claimed as a negative experience for the users.

PhotoFunia (

Pricing: Photofunia allows you to edit photos online quickly and easily for free, producing images of excellent quality.

The following Face Swap by PhotoFunia is on the list. You will be presented with a lengthy list of settings or available options when you first arrive at the website page. There are unique themes for Christmas, Valentine, Halloween, Easter, and other holidays.

With the direct button to upload your photo, the website appears to be rather straightforward. Particularly for beginning users, it contains a ton of features and is comparatively simple to use.

In a flash, PhotoFunia can produce and distribute photographs that appear seamless. However, as you can see in the image, the advertisements can occasionally be infuriating. To make your photos stand out, don’t forget to check out PhotoFunia’s other fascinating features!


  • It is simple to use the application.
  • a huge selection of alternatives


  • The designs are not very intuitive
  • The advertisements can, at times be bothersome.

Face Hub (

Pricing: They have 3 different plans starting from $5.99 to $79.99.

The Facehub face swap replaces the user’s target face with that of models, current celebrities, or even other photos you offer, just like its image-swapping counterpart does. This program differs from others of its sort in that it accurately and effectively modifies the source image to create a final output that bears no signs of AI intervention.

The final product appears as clean and professional as if it were just another video. Simply drag and drop the image you want to use into the home screen, and then wait a few seconds to see the magic happen. But only credits can be used in their system. For instance, you must use your credits to pay if you wish to swap a face. You can pay a specific sum of money to get the credits.


  • It has several beneficial features.
  • It is regarded as one of the most user-friendly apps.
  • It is possible to say that their AI is more accurate than those of their rivals.


  • The packages contain only the features.
  • For the functionalities to be used, the users must have credits.

Face Swap Tools: Reface (

Pricing: Reface Pro costs $6.99 per week, which adds up to more than $360 annually. The yearly subscription offered by Reface is a much better choice. Reface Pro costs $6.99/week, but you can get all its features for $29.99 if you pay upfront. This is a far better long-term deal because it works out to only $0.58 each week.

Reface is the name of the widely used face-changing app, after all. With its engaging, contemporary, yet straightforward user interface, it keeps people seated. Despite being used largely for entertainment, it has a polished, businesslike appearance.

The app includes a fantastic selection of quick clips from classic movies. You can use your face in place of the actors’ faces. You can choose from a large selection of GIFs in addition to the shorts. Reface, however, is persuasive because it also enables users to save the outcomes locally to their devices.

Additionally, the app’s creators are constantly working to add new templates, so you won’t miss out on any fresh information.


  • Its design is intuitive.
  • It is simple to use and has many helpful features.


  • It is not at all free.
  • It has bothersome advertising.

The Bottom Line

These are, in all honesty, the five face swap tools we are aware of that function the best. Try out these apps, and do let us know whether the results were amusing enough.

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