A Healthier Sex Life: How to Catapult Your Libido

Written By Thomas Hardy
December 07, 2022

A Healthier Sex Life: How to Catapult Your Libido

If you have a low sex drive, it might be a relief to learn you are not the only one. According to recent global research by Headspace, seven in ten women have a low libido. Also, one in five men struggles with a low sex drive.

Different factors can determine your desire for sex, as well as your comfort during intercourse. Enjoy a healthier, happier sex life by learning how to catapult your libido.

Proactively Manage Stress

Stress can harm a person’s sex drive, as intense mental pressure can cause the constant fatigue. As your body produces cortisol when feeling stressed, it will eat into a man’s or woman’s sex hormone reserves, causing a loss of libido.

Many believe an hour of TV, a glass of wine, or a good night’s sleep will curb their stress and improve their mood, but this isn’t the case. If you want to feel happier and less stressed and increase your desire for sex, you must proactively manage your stress.

You can choose from many fantastic activities to lower rising stress, such as:

Practicing the above activities could transform your mood and libido. Also, it could decrease the need for antidepressants, which can negatively affect a person’s sex drive.

Shake Up Your Sex LifeA Healthier Sex Life How to Catapult Your Libido

A lack of excitement in the bedroom may affect your desire for sex. For instance, women who don’t feel hot and bothered underneath the sheets might struggle with vaginal dryness or pain.

Shaking up your sex life could make you feel more excited about intercourse with a partner and help you become more sexually uninhibited, increasing your pleasure and sexual desire. Visit a sex toy shop to find the best items for physical intimacy, such as vibrators, sexy lingerie, blindfolds, handcuffs, and whips.

Boost Your Physical Activity Levels

Exercise can change your life in many ways. You will not only look and feel healthier, but it can transform your self-confidence and boost your sex drive. Physical activity can naturally increase your libido, lower stress levels, improve your confidence, and help you feel more relaxed and at ease during sex. Kegel exercises are a must, as they can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, allowing you to enjoy better orgasms.

Scale Back Your Alcohol Consumption

Too much alcohol may make you more sexually uninhibited, but it can impact the ability to orgasm, increase a man’s likelihood of erectile dysfunction, and contribute to long-term issues that may affect libido, such as depression, fatigue, and rising stress.

One glass of wine might be enough to help you relax, but two could cause the above issues that may affect your performance in the bedroom and long-term libido. Scale back your alcohol consumption to enjoy a healthier body, an increased libido, and a better performance between the sheets.

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