Setting Up A Gun Room: 5 Things To Remember

Written By Alla Levin
April 17, 2023

One of the leading causes of gun accidents is irresponsible handling. For instance, children can accidentally hurt each other if they find a gun during playtime. It’s best to set up a gun room as a gun owner. It’s an excellent approach to beefing up your home security and reducing the chances of the gun getting into unauthorized hands. The gun room can also be an ideal spot for displaying your firearms, especially if you have several.

If you’re considering building a gun room, including some special features would be ideal. They help you optimize your gun room while providing maximum protection. In light of this, here are five things to remember:

Setting Up A Gun Room: Space And Dimensions For Your Mounts

Mounts are an excellent starting point if you own several guns. They can help organize your display. Depending on the dimensions, you can install a vertical or horizontal mount for AR 15 or other gun types you have. 

For horizontal mounts, four rifles after a square yard work best. As for the vertical ones, the gun length can determine how long the mount should be. You can also get custom-made mounts to have full control over the design and layout. But the most important thing is to ensure they’re solid, durable, and installed properly and securely to keep the guns from falling off the wall. 

Install Security Features

Your gun room requires several security features to serve its purpose. That said, here are some key components you shouldn’t miss in your gun room:

  • Biometric scanners: These scanners help limit the number of people accessing the gun room. They’re best for high-traffic homes to ensure only authorized persons can access the gun room.
  • Cameras: They help monitor everyone with access to the gun room. They can help you tell what gun was taken out of the room and by whom. 
  • Vault doors are: high-security doors that can deter anyone trying to access the gun room. They can alert you if someone tries to break into your gun room.
  • Alarms: These can be motion sensors that go off if someone is close to the door leading to your gun room. Alternatively, you can install fire alarms to alert you of rising temperatures around the area. They’re more efficient than house smoke detectors; hence, they’re highly recommended for gun rooms. 

Consider these security details as a vigilant attempt to ensure your gun room’s utmost protection from unauthorized access.

Location Of The Gun Roomsetting up a gun room

The location of the gun room is also a vital factor to consider. Choose an area where you can keep your firearms hidden from plain sight and limit access. Thus, the location shouldn’t be an obvious room in the house or one that’s frequently used, like the kitchen or laundry room. You also don’t need to hang a ‘Don’t Enter’ sign on the door as it only sparks curiosity. 

Most gun owners have secret doors leading to the gun room. However, it may be too much of a hassle for you, especially financially, or you don’t have adequate space to achieve the said layout. In that case, you can simply choose a discreet location in the house, like the panty, master’s bedroom, closet, or basement. While at it, ensure the room has limited entry points. It should also have minimal obstructions, like water pipes.


Your firearms are valuable assets. However, they’re susceptible to fire if it breaks out in your home. Thus, it’s best to fireproof your gun room. You can do so by using fire-resistant construction materials, like drywall, ballistic fiberglass, and steel. Additionally, it would be best if you sealed all the cracks in your wall to minimize the risk of flammable furniture. To counter the effect of the fire sneaking into the gun room, you can apply flame retardant sprays or caulk your collection regularly.

Humidity And Temperature Control

Other essential aspects to consider when setting up a gun room are temperature and humidity. You can take care of these areas by installing room-specific temperature controls.

Low humidity levels can lead to the corrosion of your guns. Set a minimum temperature reading for the room to avoid interfering with the performance of your firearms. 

Such preventive measures work hand in hand with storage requirements. For instance, you should always clean your guns before storing them. If you’re hunting during winter, your gun can have some ice deposits on the barrel. This can reduce your shooting accuracy. Cleaning the weapon before storing it ensures it’s ready for the next adventure.

Setting Up A Gun Room: Conclusion

A gun room is a worthwhile investment as it’s one of the things that set the seal on responsible gun ownership. Remember, a firearm can be destructive if not carefully handled or end up in the wrong hands. Worse, it can cost innocent lives.

Take note of the above ideas to guide you and ensure the best results when setting up your gun room. Most importantly, see that the room is spacious enough to serve its purpose correctly. Also, keep its location discreet. The fewer people who know about it, the better.  

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