Oversized Print is the New T-shirt Clothing Trend
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Oversized print is a hot new t-shirt trend designers, and clothing business owners should understand. It is what it sounds like, a graphic print that is larger than the standard screen printing size with a bold look to match. Rather than taking up a small portion of a shirt, the design covers much of the apparel’s front and/or back. So keep reading for some benefits of opting for this type of design.

Oversized Print is the New T-shirt Clothing Trend for 2023:  It Offers an Attention-grabbing Look

It is easier for small designs to get overlooked, especially at greater distances. However, an oversized screen-printed design has an attention-grabbing look that is hard to ignore. But, again, it could easily attract attention to the shirt’s front or back.

The more positive attention a t-shirt design gets, the higher the chances are that it could appeal to numerous customers, many of whom might want to buy the same or similar apparel. In addition, increased sales can mean higher profits. Include your company’s name, logo, and/or brand to aid in identification. 

An oversized print is ideal for several types of tops

An oversized print can look great on a t-shirt, but its vibrant screen print design should also be on various other tops. For instance, it could accentuate the Bella+Canvas unisex raw seam crew pullover.

One of the most significant benefits of its versatility is that it gives the designer various apparel options while providing customers with multiple clothing choices. In addition, designers could even put the same oversized print on other clothing items to coincide with the changing seasons, trends, and temperatures.

Customers may like the design and range of clothing options so much that they may get more than one type of apparel. It also gives consumers more pieces to buy for loved ones they may be shopping for during special occasions. 

The design details are more prominent New T-shirt Clothing Trend

Designers who work hard creating a design should display every bit of it thoroughly. An oversized print does not hide any elements within a small, compact design. Instead, every line is visible, giving seemingly subtle details more life and prominence.

The oversized print lets designers expand on their ideas and put them on t-shirts without much restriction. As a result, they will have more surface area to work and will not have to confine their designs to a small space.

Designers can better showcase a scene

Many designers have a story to tell through each screen print design. An oversized print allows one to set a scene more vividly and in a larger space than opting for a standard size.

For example, say a designer wants to showcase a coastal scene reminiscent of their favorite beach day. The oversized print can depict a more explicit scene in a way that is truer to the concept rather than having to simplify the design due to space restrictions.

It livens up a plain outfit

An oversized screen print design can liven up a basic outfit. Although this is not to say that an outfit consisting of a plain t-shirt and jeans is boring, the oversized design is a bold statement.

Rather than sporting a blank t-shirt, the wearer can showcase a large piece of art, and the outfit becomes a vibe. Jeans and black leggings are two pairs of pants that would complement a t-shirt featuring any significant screen print design. They can also pair with tees of any length and fit.

There is no missing the message

Many screen print t-shirt designs feature wording rather than an image, or the two might combine. If words are part of an oversized print, the message is present, regardless of what it says.

This design can be an excellent option for businesses that want to display a prominent message. Whether the t-shirt declares a catchphrase, the name of a company, or a slogan, the oversized print is noticeable to everyone in proximity. It would be easy for employees, fans, or volunteers who wear the shirts to market a business.

As necessary as the message is, do not add contact info as an afterthought. It should be large enough that those seeking more information about the business or message have an easy way to reach out, whether through a website, phone number, physical address, or email address.

The design is more visible from a distanceNew T-shirt Clothing Trend

The oversized print takes up so much of the front or back of the t-shirt that it is more visible from a distance than a smaller design that would require up-close viewing. This visibility can be excellent for designers hoping to get their prints noticed or for businesses or organizations wishing to attract new customers and/or support.

It also makes it easier for members of groups to spot each other. For example, members of a family reunion party at an amusement park or employees at a busy restaurant can more easily locate each other, especially in vivid colors or even in a crowd. It can be even more effortless if the oversized screen print designs are on several brightly-colored neon t-shirts.

Standard vs. oversized prints

Each screen printing company might have its version of a “standard size” print for a t-shirt. There is more than one set of measurements from one business to the next. Screen print designs larger than each standard size typically fall into the “oversized” category.

Find out what each business considers the measurement differences between the two. In addition, it can help you determine which is a better option for your particular design and the product on which you want to put it.

Get the measurements from different companies before making a final decision. It can allow you to compare the measurements you receive from each business to the concept you have in mind. You should also find the measurements of each t-shirt size you want, as those could also vary between companies. In addition, provide the measurements to your customers in a size guide to guide correct sales.

Opting for an oversized print could seem like an obvious choice with specific designs but not so much with others. However, taking your time to go over each detail, ranging from the colors of the t-shirts to the measurements, could help you design a tee that perfectly corresponds to the current hottest clothing trends.

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Alla Levin

Hi, I’m Alla, a Seattle business and lifestyle content creator who can’t get enough of business innovations, arts, not ordinary people and adventures. My mission is to help you grow in your creativity, travel the world, and live life to the absolute fullest!

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Alla Levin

Hi, I’m Alla, a Seattle business and lifestyle content creator who can’t get enough of business innovations, arts, not ordinary people and adventures. My mission is to help you grow in your creativity, travel the world, and live life to the absolute fullest!


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