Top SEO Companies Near Chicago, IL
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An SEO company can assist your business in reaching more customers online by using proven optimization techniques to increase search engine rankings – such as keyword research, email marketing or other digital strategies. Chicago SEO Scholar can also assist businesses in optimizing their on-site content and website design to enhance user experience and increase traffic and sales, but read on to learn about more of the top companies in the city.


PageTraffic is a digital marketing agency specializing in digital marketing for small businesses. Their SEO specialists work closely with them to optimize website content and design while offering social media and email marketing solutions to clients such as e-commerce stores, dental clinics, and law firms.

The Better Business Bureau accredits this company and boasts an A+ rating. This certification showcases their dedication to ethical practices while consistently providing top-quality services to their clients.

Their search engine optimization efforts have gained them an excellent reputation, helping their clients gain greater exposure on search engines. Their comprehensive services range from identifying relevant keywords, optimizing web pages, and fixing hidden issues to using other digital marketing techniques like PPC and CRM systems – and they have over ten years of experience serving clients worldwide.

Chicago SEO Scholar

Chicago SEO Scholar is an experienced digital marketing agency serving local businesses in and around Chicago, Naperville, and South Bend. You can visit their website – or read on for more information. Offering services like website auditing, on-site SEO optimization, and niche link building to increase site exposure in local markets, Chicago SEO Scholar provides comprehensive digital marketing solutions.

Chicago SEO Scholar has been helping businesses reach their target audiences for more than ten years with their extensive network of partners who can create custom strategies tailored specifically for each business based on location. They work locally, so your site remains visible wherever you need it to be – so why wait? Contact them today and find out if they’re for you:

Chicago SEO Scholar

55 E Monroe St Suite 3800 Chicago, IL 60603

(312) 529-8226

Their search engine optimization features extensive keyword research to ensure your content resonates with its target audiences and has high user intent. They also offer regular reports and analytics so you can monitor their efforts during campaigns and similar tactics.

eGuide Tech AlliesTop SEO Companies Near Chicago, IL

eGuide Tech Allies is a full-service marketing agency offering web development, content management, and branding services for small businesses and non-profit organizations alike. Their services include social media management, website design, and training and coaching to help achieve client goals.

eGuide built an online restaurant delivery service website using Wix. Including professional photos and links to an external booking system, they successfully increased traffic and reservations, resulting in client satisfaction with both product and vendor transparency and responsiveness.

eGuide Tech Allies provided branding services to a leadership training firm, including logo design and redesign of its website. The six-month project took place, and the client was impressed by vendor responsiveness and competency throughout their engagement – they managed a streamlined process while meeting all milestones on time and staying within budgetary requirements.

Nancy Burgess Strategic Marketing

Nancy Burgess Strategic Marketing is an online marketing firm dedicated to developing brands for digital platforms. Their team utilizes SEO strategies to increase website visibility and drive quality website traffic; services offered include search engine optimization, social media management, web design, and training services for businesses and bloggers.

It is a Naperville-area digital marketing provider that serves clients everywhere. Their SEO specialists conduct audits to assess current SEO techniques and identify areas for improvement. They then craft custom plans that incorporate keyword research, content templates, and crawl-friendly site maps. In addition, they provide task checklists and track progress through analytics.

Their services are an internet marketing agency serving businesses in Chicago’s surrounding areas. Their SEO strategies target local search engines to increase business visibility and improve rankings; clients include TorHoerman Law and Maven Marketing Group, as well as CRM systems, proposal software tools, and social media marketing services from this firm.

Digital Authority PartnersDigital Authority Partners

Digital Authority Partners is an integrated digital agency that leverages data-driven insights with creative problem-solving to help businesses thrive in today’s digital era. They specialize in content marketing, SEO, SEM (which you can learn about here), CMO-for-hire services, product development, eCommerce development, analytics and much more – so companies can evolve, compete and thrive without fear.

Codrin Arsene, the firm’s CEO, describes their unique digital strategy implementation and management approach. Their clients include many top technology companies and are frequently in the news for their developments.

imaware has seen great success leveraging these services to increase traffic and lead generation by targeting high-value keywords, increasing brand recognition through thought-leadership articles and guest posts, expanding marketing beyond celiac tests by positioning itself as an expert in heart health, as well as experiencing double-digit organic search rankings growth.

Other Companies

These other SEO companies specialize in helping businesses optimize their online presence through keyword research, site audits, backlink building, and creating search-engine-friendly content creation. Search engine optimization is an integral component of digital marketing; using it effectively can increase a company’s online visibility and sales revenue.

Eagles Media Enterprises of Chicago provides search engine optimization (SEO) services to both small businesses and enterprises. Their SEO experts examine each website a client submitted for analysis before providing recommendations based on best practices for SEO. In addition, monthly reports and analyses are produced to monitor the success of all of their clients across various industries, including B2B-focused businesses and financial services.

Imagination Publishing operates as a custom publisher and content marketing agency. Since 1994, they have provided print and digital media communication services, user engagement solutions, and brand visibility solutions to clients in the financial, pharmaceutical, and home improvement industries – with offices in Aurora, Illinois.

Imagination is full of working individuals with strong curiosity and creativity who work in an engaging, supportive team environment. They provide exceptional compensation and flexible work arrangements. James Meyers is currently serving as their CEO but his employees have low approval ratings of him when compared with CEOs of similar-sized companies on Comparably and less so when considering Chicago-based CEOs.

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