4 Approaches to Revamping Your Stagnant Website

Written By Alla Levin
October 17, 2023

Whether you’re running a large business or a small one, your business website is the most critical asset, as it is the online face of your company, the place that showcases your services, and it’s the one major component that leaves a lasting impression on your potential and existing customers.

Therefore, if your website begins to feel stagnant or outdated, significantly if it hasn’t changed since the prehistoric days of early WordPress, it’s now time to revamp it. Let’s show you a few methods to revitalize and lift your stagnant website out of the doldrums.

Revamping Your Stagnant Website: A Website Audit

Before you make any changes, you should look at the current state of affairs and address what is working and, more crucially, what is not or is just limping along. Look at things like broken links, commonly known as 404 errors, if the website is poorly optimized for mobile, if at all, or if there’s any irrelevant content.

One of the common mistakes people make when they start a business is thinking that a website is merely a box-ticking exercise. It’s not about paying lip service to the idea of promotion but actually placing it front and center, whatever business you are running. This is where web design for pet businesses or other niche providers can benefit from a second pair of eyes.

Define Your Objectivesrevamping stagnant website

When making changes to any website, it’s got to be with one or some clear goals. Websites are essential to improving brand visibility, so do you want to look at how you can change the aesthetics and the overall feeling of your business?

When you define clear objectives, it will better inform your redesigning efforts. On the other hand, if you’re looking to generate more leads, you’ve got to prioritize user experience in the overall customer journey. Your website has infinite possibilities, so rather than chasing opportunities in several different directions, instill some focus and clarity and define what you truly want at this juncture.

Refresh a Few Components

Sometimes, all our website needs is a facelift. Videos, images, photos, and content can all benefit from being refreshed. This is particularly true when it comes to content that is outdated or irrelevant.

Many businesses opt for evergreen content (content that’s not bound by time), and if you’ve got several best-of lists from 2012 gathering digital dust, making a few updates to these can revamp your content quickly and easily.

Improving the User Experience

If the primitive WordPress platform that was your first website has many problems, you can enhance the user experience by offering a more streamlined layout. Pay particular attention to the readability of content, the size of fonts, and how each component works together to tell your brand’s story.

It’s a simple and strategic move to stay competitive; if you are struggling to figure out what is going wrong, sometimes revamping a stagnant website is all it takes.

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