The Lowdown On Line Haul Transportation

Written By Alla Levin
April 30, 2024

The Lowdown On Line Haul Transportation


  • Line Haul Transportation Essential: Vital for moving goods between states and modes of transport, requiring specialized skills and logistics.
  • Diverse Applications: Ideal for transporting oversized items, temperature-sensitive goods, and construction materials.
  • Infrastructure and Expertise: Companies need robust infrastructure and deep expertise to effectively manage efficient line haul operations.

Have you ever felt intimidated on the freeway as a giant truck speeds past you? Or wondered where it’s heading and what they’ve got onboard? 

Have you ever considered how concrete is taken from the factory to the construction site? Or how do your groceries get to the supermarket shelves? 

That truck you see screaming past you on the freeway or tucked into a truck stop for the night is likely part of a wider distribution system – perhaps carrying bread to the supermarket for lunch or delivering construction supplies to a site interstate. 

What is line haul transportation?

Linehaul transportation is the movement of goods between states and often between different modes of transportation, usually on trucks and sometimes on trains, boats, and planes. 

Linehaul transportation is an essential cog in society’s wheel and is likely to help you get the things you need when needed. It’s a specialized transportation service that requires a lot of skill and patience. 

How linehaul transportation works

There are specific trucking companies that specialize in linehaul transportation. It is not simply moving goods across state lines on trucks; it’s the logistics, safety requirements, and processes that go along with getting goods from point A to point B and beyond, safely and on time. 

When linehaul transportation is best used 

Linehaul transportation is used to move:

  • Awkward or oversized goods;
  • Specialist freight, like for an event set up; 
  • Freight that needs to be kept at a certain temperature;  
  • Construction-related materials.

Linehaul or long haul?

A quirky and confusing trick of trucking terminology is that these two phrases sound similar but mean different things. They’re also interrelated.

As noted above, linehaul is the movement of goods across borders, usually using trucks and sometimes other modes of transport. Line Haul transport often involves long haul stints for truck drivers on the road. 

Companies that offer linehaul transport

For a company to provide linehaul transportation, they need the infrastructure and expertise to support it.

There are plenty of companies around Australia that offer this service and DSE Transport, which recently marked its 30th anniversary ( is one of them. 

To play their part in the process, line haul transportation companies need to:

  • Understand the routes between capital cities and smaller regional towns;
  • Provide the correct vehicle depending on what kind of load is being transported;
  • Have connections with specialist industries, such as events and construction companies, so that delivery to these sites is seamless. 
  • Be experienced in linehaul transportation 

This complex and intricate system is essential for our society to keep functioning – remember that next time you see a large truck driving past you on the freeway.

DSE Transport’s linehaul transportation services stand out. Their commitment to timely delivery and efficient service has earned them an excellent reputation.

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