2020 Dominating SEO Trends: How To Make Them Work For You

Written By Alla Levin
October 29, 2018

Los Angeles on Air: SEO Trends That Will Dominate in 2020

You really want to be ahead of the SEO game, right?

Well, it’s not enough to keep an eye on the latest trends, but you should also foresee some of them. But is that possible?

The answer is a resounding ‘yes’ because we can make predictions according to the latest experiments and tests. Now, Google keeps on changing and so is Search Engine Optimization.

Top SEO companies and webmasters who understand the rocket science behind SEO are constantly on the lookout for the latest SEO trends which outsmart their competitors.

As the year approaches the end, the big question would be what’s new from SEO in 2019?

Seriously, you might need a lot of help if you run a business, especially in Los Angeles – a proficient SEO expert must become a part of your digital marketing team.

I have in mind a few responsible digital marketing agencies that provide SEO services – Los Angeles is the place to start searching for the one that wil help you to build your SEO 2019 strategy.

There you go – fresh tips from my favorite Los Angeles SEO consultant.

He recommends using a variety of tools to audit your sites speed and responsiveness, then remove elements that slow it down and a lot more.

Everything you need to know from voice search and the growing importance of your website’s load speed. Basically, you can test it right now – check router speed, first.

Read on and learn on dominating SEO trends!

Voice SearchLos Angeles SEO expert

Voice search is one of the most predicted SEO trends for 2019. Now, with the rapidly growing mobile internet, the traditional orthodox typing seems to be vanishing.

Now the future appears to be having something unique for SEO experts – teaching computers understand our language!

I am talking about voice search SEO, which according to predictions, half of all online traffic will be coming from spoken queries.

I can’t imagine what future technology will be like, talking to computers and getting responses real quick!

When optimizing the content, one should focus on long-tail keywords since users communicate directly with the search engine in voice-controlled searches.

This makes it easy for Google to predict user queries that your content should answer.

Blockchain For SEO one of The Newest Dominating SEO Trends

Lately, Blockchain technology is having the moment, most probably because of its role in making the internet more secure.

Now, Webmasters are pursuing possibilities of integrating Blockchain into their sites, for among other purposes, profits from them.

Further predictions reveal that Blockchain will come in handy for SEO in validating backlinks as well as reducing click fraud.

Do you know half of all internet traffic and ad clicking is done by ‘click bots’?

Well, Blockchain integration can verify that people are indeed people, as well as the ability to detect repeated ad clicks which cost advertisers huge sums of money.

Social Media Strength

While it has remained the focus of webmasters throughout the years, its relevance can only get better in subsequent 2019. Social Media activities on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn is win-win.

They tend to contribute a lot in online traffic. You should, therefore, incorporate the power of media into your SEO campaigns for magical results.

Follow top digital marketing influencers to stay up to date!

Featured SnippetsFeatured Snippets seo 2019

Today, the search engine result pages (SEPRS) encounters a lot of competition.

Again, AdWords ads pop up frequently in commercial queries taking a whole lot of space.

Top ranking competitors include Local Packs, Knowledge Graph, Featured Snippets, “People Also Ask” Boxes, Google News, Google Images, and YouTube Video Pack.

In 2019 and beyond, featured Snippets will play an important role in satisfying the user’s need for simple answers for their queries. Google will display excerpts which it deems fit for the users’ query.

In 2019, it’s unfortunate that you may be missing in top SEPRS. But you need to play smart when optimizing your content, like putting question & answer sequences on the page.

Despite the fierce competition for the top positions regarding featured snippets, however, ‘smaller’ sites can rank high with well-structured answers that Google can use.

So get armed with what your target audience consumes mostly, and stand higher chances for top ranking by satisfying their appetite.

Amazon SearchAmazon Search

You will agree that Amazon is now one of the search engines competing with Google all the time. On searching for a particular product, Amazon Search drastically displays the product along with its reviews as well as other related products suggestions.

That’s why People use Amazon’s search bar to buy varied products.

In an evolving marketplace, one should incorporate customers to search intents as a business strategy to remain effective and competitive.

Image Search

seo expert los angeles

Google’s upgrading of its images search in 2017 left many websites in huge loses, simply because users could click their way through images without going outside Google.

By improving image search, Google has positively responded to a trend.

As we get to 2019, you should try to optimize your visual material through better pictures, of course than your competitors.

Your content should be enriched with image, text, or video material. This offers comprehensive coverage for your content hence increasing its value.

Video OptimizationVideo Optimization

Video optimization trend seems to be taking over the Internet come 2019, or/and beyond.

Los Angeles SEO consultant saying that Videos can be a reliable source of customer traffic if used cleverly.

While videos come highly recommended for SEO, they need keener optimizing (just as your content).

A foresight suggests that videos will attribute for 75% of all Internet traffic.

SEO content consultants will tell you to get ready for competitive times ahead or get crushed by the competition.

Page Speed Boost as one of the Dominating SEO Trends

SEO services - Los Angeles

In a hurried activity world, customers aren’t willing to wait for slow websites.

And in preparation for better times, AMPs are already an integral part of Google SERPs which is expected to gain even more momentum in 2019.

These are some of the predictions for dominating SEO trends 2019 provided by top Los Angeles SEO expert, they can potentially make your site rank higher and amplify your company’s online presence.

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