St. Patrick’s Day Makeup Looks

Written By Alla Levin
March 17, 2009

St. Patrick’s Day Eye Makeup Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day Eye Makeup Ideas. St. Patrick’s Day – it’s a beautiful day to go creative and do one of a kind not ordinary Green makeup look. Let`s stand out of the crowd celebrating this St. Patty’s day in the unique style with shamrock shakes, parties at the pub, and of course… beautiful makeup!

If you don’t want to go very far with your outfit you can definitely stand out your makeup for the day. An all-day-long festivities St. Patrick’s day celebrations will need safe teen makeup which is easy to apply, and we need to make it stay all day long.

St. Patrick’s Day Eye Makeup Ideas
St. Patrick’s Day Eye Makeup Ideas

Obviously, the St. Patrick’s Day colors are gold, green, all the way rainbow colors. Therefore those are the main colors of your makeup. Green Eye Makeup it’s not the color for everyone. But, I am sure, you can really rock the St. Patrick’s Day Makeup look with your creative vision and blending of Green and Goldeye makeup.

Let’s dive into some amazing St. Patrick’s Day eye looks and simply try to repeat themsaint patricks day eye makeup
saint patricks day eye makeup

st patricks day makeup ideas

Green eye makeup


st patricks day eyes makeup


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