Better than Run or Cool Arguments to Convince to Get Yourself a Needak Rebounder

Written By Alla Levin
May 18, 2017
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Get Yourself a Needak Rebounder

My dear creative minds, as you already know, time to time, I talk more than just about art, lifestyle, and travels. I also have a responsibility to inspire you to live a bright and healthy life, especially when we spend so much time near computers.

Today we are going to talk about one of the newest forms of personal fitness – rebounding, and why do you need to get a Needak Rebounder – a mini-trampoline for your fitness and fun.

Why? Because jumping on the trampoline just for 5 minutes can burn as many calories as 20 minutes on the treadmill.

Jumping has a lymph drainage effect on our body, and it is suitable for the training of our vestibular apparatus.

But the main benefit is a pleasure! Scientists have proven that jumping on a trampoline (rebounding) contributes to the production of endorphins – hormones of happiness, and there are no contraindications for jumping.

Rebounder to enjoy the exercises

How often do you get real pleasure from the sport? I’m talking about a real buzz, fun, and genuine joy from physical activities. Do you know that the pleasure of sport exercising is the key to your improvements and self-development?

This is one of the secret weapons of using a rebounder.

Rebounder against the stress

Exercising with a rebounder has the most beneficial impact on our nervous system. Try to jump with a sour face for at least a minute.

It doesn’t matter what is the reason for your sadness. It will all disappear as only you make a first jump on the rebounder. Therefore, jumps correctly bring relief from the stress and the depression, and even inspire you.

Especially during the morning rebounding, you will get so many ideas coming into your head that sometimes you will have to write them down.

Rebounder as the alternative to run

Needak Rebounder

Many people who confirm the enormous benefits of running – do not run. I am one of them.

The scientists from NASA have discovered that the benefits of jumping on the rebounder are far outweighing the advantages of running. To be more precise, by 68%. Let’s find out why.

The main disadvantage of running is the load exposure to the joints of the legs.
The force of gravity and the weight of the runner affecting a perceptible pressure on the bearing joints of the legs, this happens every time your foot hits the ground.

Unlike the treadmill, the springy surface of the Needak rebounder compensates for up to 80% of the load on the joints.

For this reason, 10 minutes of rebounding is equal in efficiency to 30 minutes of jogging. Thus, you can jump at home only for 10-15 minutes a day and get the same results as if you would spend half an hour on a treadmill. I also found it difficult to believe -but it’s true!

Rebounder against the aging

Rebounding in contrast to other similar activities have a direct impact on our lymphatic system.

This system utilizes waste cells – fats, toxins, heavy metals, viruses, and even cancer cells and pushing all that out of our body.

Rebounding stimulates the lymphatic ducts in our body and literally “squeezes” the toxins from the lymph nodes, and it starts to work ten times faster than usual.

The second point. The rebounding is a perfect cardio training, regular jumps on Needak rebounder increase the level of our metabolism.

All processes in the body begin to occur faster and more efficiently.

The body becomes more resistant to external negative impacts.

In combination with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, this can give you fantastic results!

During the jumping on the rebounder work, all the most massive muscles of the lower part of the body. They are also called the “lower heart.”

The muscle contraction take of some of the load from the heart, helping it to pump blood.

Thus, regularly training our legs, we not only make them look beautiful and fit but also shape a healthy and robust heart.

Also, the rebounding allows the brain to receive more blood, and hence oxygen. As a result, your brain activity, the reaction rate, and the clarity of mind increase.

It’s convenient and cheap

The rebounder will fit in any city apartment and will be perfect for your house.

Be attentive to your body! Do not jump right away without a break, if you’ve never done it before.

Rebounding does not cause any discomfort for a healthy person, but if you suffer from any trauma, it would be better to consult your doctor before using a mini-trampoline.

Enjoy the movement, breathe deeply, and smile! Be happy here and now. Share your thoughts and experience of using the Needak rebounder in the comments below.

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