“Follow the White Rabbit”: Discovering the Secrets of Oolong Tea.

Written By Alla Levin
May 18, 2017
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“Follow the White Rabbit”: the Secrets of Oolong Tea.

Maybe the rabbit was not white, but the cute animal was certainly involved into the story of appearing of the well known Oolong Tea. The value and the importance of Oolong Tea in China are indicated by the fact that this kind of the tea is used in the Gongfu tea ceremony, the term literally means “making tea with skill”. The Oolong tea inherited its bright and slightly tart taste from the green tea and a rich aroma from the black tea. The oolong tea has a specific color of the leaf, the fringing of which has time to darken, while the middle part remains green. 

Shaking and tumbling!

In the production of Oolong tea, there is a very special and unique feature that is peculiar to this kind of a tea: shaking and tumbling of the leafs. The purpose of this shaking is a very careful breach of the leaf structure, aiming for the partial secretion of the leaf juice. Shaking the Oolong tea leafs is a legendary process. 

Oolong tea-historyWhat is hiding behind this legendary process of tea creation and how about the rabbit?

There is a legend about the lazy farmer Wu Lung Wang, who, instead of collecting tea leafs, preferred to go fishing or hunting.

Once his father ordered him to collect a full basket of tea leafs, otherwise, the father had promised to broke Wu Lung Wang hunting bow. Wang had nothing else to do, but to listened and obey father’s order.

Wang carefully obeyed his father order, but on his way home he saw a well-fed rabbit in the bushes and could not resist chasing him, even with a full basket of tea leafs on his shoulders. 

Wang caught a rabbit but in the same time, he discovered that lost half of the basket of tea leafs while pursuing the rabbit, and it was too late to fix the situation! He brought back home just a half of the basket of tea leafs, therefore he lost his bow, even despite the fact that he caught a rabbit. 

On the third morning after the incident, Wu Lung Wang was invited by the Fathers of the village for a meeting. He didn’t know what to expect from that meeting. But later he discovered that Fathers were absolutely impressed by the tea quality. They said that the tea leafs were absolutely divine, and asked him to show the places where he found them.

There was nothing remarkable about the tea bushes, so the Fathers asked Wu Lung Wang to tell them what else he was doing that night. As only they have discovered that he was just pursuing a rabbit, they realized that the cause of the new tea taste was the shaking of the leaves on the run. So tea was named after its discoverer – Wu Lun (Oolong Tea). That is all!

I hope you enjoyed a beautiful story about this remarkable Chinese tea. So now when you will enjoy your Oolong Tea Ceremony you will know how to impress your guests and friends!

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