Burning and Media Creation Suite Gets Easier to Use with Nero Platinum.

Written By Alla Levin
November 04, 2017

Burning and Media Creation Suite Gets Easier to Use with Nero Platinum

Multimedia creation and burning of discs have continued to evolve over the years, and Nero is arguably among the most commonly used applications for this type of job. Nero continues to provide a multimedia creation suite that is getting more user-friendly than ever before – thanks to Nero Platinum.

With the latest versions, Nero Platinum has continued to offer a solution to burn all types of optical discs, play Blu-ray movies, convert video for a wide range of devices, and provide media creation and editing tools. You can get a trial version to try, but to get these full benefits, be prepared to purchase one.

The Nero Platinum software provides very clean and easy-to-use modules with drag-and-drop features that have been missing for many years. Today, users can enjoy faster encoding, support for 4K Video, and Video streaming to TVs.  The most enjoyable change with the software is usability.

Modules that have continued to improve include the Nero Video, which has become very useful in editing videos with greatly enhanced abilities that include 3D disc authoring and Blu-ray. Others include the Nero Recode, which is a program used for transcoding video to various devices and formats.  More than that, the Nero Platinum looks very good.

What can Nero Platinum do for You?

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Here are some of the ways that you can use Nero Platinum to create and burn multimedia content.

Media Creation Suite: Import, Create, and Edit

Video editing with Nero Platinum comes with a lot of creativity and very easy handling. It gives you the best results for all your movie projects. With it, you can captivate your audience through the use of advanced video editing that has more than 800 effects and other movie templates, as well as drop zone effects. You don’t have to worry about black bars seen on widescreen TVs because Nero Platinum has a 1-click bar-remove that will take care of that to upgrade your video and photo.

Burn, Copy, and Archive

Nero Platinum offers you a fast way of burning, copying, and archiving your files. This is regardless of the nature of your content and platform. The speed is great for audio CDs, DVDs or even the Blu-ray DiscsTM. Using this proven technology, you can burn and copy photos, music, videos, and data for the long term. You can also get maximum security via SecurDisc 4.0, which gives you password protection and 256-bit encryption to prevent access to private data.

Organize, Play, and Stream

everything is under control with Nero Platinum. Do you have multiple photo duplicate copies or have lost perspective of your PC’s photo archives? There is a Nero Duplicate Manager photo that offers you instant help. It searches duplicated folders of your photo and photo duplicates and sorts them out in a quick and reliable way from your photo archive.

This will help you to tide up your media center by retrieving valuable storage space. With the Nero MediaHome, you can also play and archive your best TV series and movies with ease. Your movie titles and posters also get created automatically as you load them.

Rip and Convert

Nero platinum works in a simple principle of bringing together what belongs to each other. This means that you can import all kinds of formats and that includes even high-quality HEVC. Most importantly, you can convert them to almost any format you would want.

Still, you can rip video DVDs*, Blue-ray DiscsTM, and AVCHD* and again reuse them for other projects. Using the 1-click conversion, you can also send audio CDS straight to your connected mobile gadget. This way, Nero Platinum gives you the easiest conversion mode with the best sound quality.

Secure, Encrypt, and Compress

you can now backup your important media content through the use of Integrated Nero BackItUp, and all your data is kept safe. This will protect your PC and/or laptop memories. You will be able to back up your data in destinations such as USB hard drives. You can secure your data based on your desired backup interval. A continuous process of data backup is much possible to enable the software to protect new data all the time in case of updates.

Stream and Download

there is a music recorder in Nero Platinum that gives you access to the music world. With it, you can listen to lots of your favorite hits and discover others from over 100,000 radio stations online, along with many concerts and fan content, among other sources. Considering the benefits of the Nero Platinum, you would definitely want to secure one. Here is a Nero platinum coupon to use for your purchase.

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