Here’s When You Should Take Your Diamond Engagement Ring Off

Written By Alla Levin
November 23, 2017
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Take Your Diamond Engagement Ring Off

Once you put that brilliant diamond engagement ring on, chances are you’ll never want to take it off again. That’s understandable. But if you want your ring to last long and shine as bright as the first day you put it on, there are certain scenarios where you should take it off. Diamonds might be extremely durable, but the metal base of the ring and other elements are not and repairing them can be very expensive. Therefore, it’s important to know when you should and shouldn’t wear it.

At the Gym

Before your hands get all sweaty, perhaps you should consider taking that precious ring off. As we previously mentioned, the metal base of the ring is not as durable as a diamond, and putting extra pressure on it while working out might deform the ring. You could end up bending the shank or the prong that holds the diamond.

The same applies to working out at the gym, outside, playing sports or participating in any type of physical activity. Do yourself a favor and keep your ring away from these situations, preferably in a jewelry box at home.working out at the gym

Moisturizing Your Skin

Using moisturizers and lotions is great for your skin, but could potentially be harmful to the ring. Apart from the obvious risk of the ring slipping off your finger, the buildup from these products can ruin the brilliance of the diamond in your ring. To protect it, make sure to take it off and only put it back on once your hands are dry.


This should go without saying, but don’t under any circumstance wear your ring when you go swimming. This goes for both big bodies of water like the ocean and your backyard pool. First of all, the cold water can shrink your fingers and help the ring slip off your fingers. If it does, chances of finding it are very slim. As for the pool, you should be avoiding your ring there as well, as it could get discolored by the chlorine used to keep the pool clean.


While we’re at it, you’ve probably often wondered “should I take my engagement ring off in the shower”, and the answer is yes. Again, apart from the fact that the ring might slip off your fingers, and all that soap doesn’t help either. Secondly, oily soaps are known to dull the diamond’s finish.

Cleaning Up

The same thing that applies to work out applies to clean as well. The ring might get damaged if you accidentally bang it against a hard surface like the kitchen countertop. The chemicals you often use to clean your home can also cause damage to the ring.home cleaning


Finally, you should also remove the ring when you’re preparing food and cooking. All those hard-to-reach areas of the ring are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and germs. The ring might also slip off when you use the sink, one more reason to take it off and place it somewhere safe until you’re done.

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