10 Tips for Easy Hot Tub Maintenance

Written By Alla Levin
May 10, 2018

Easy Hot Tub Maintenance

Having a hot tub is pure luxury. But hot tub maintenance can get annoying. For easy maintenance, follow these ten tips for a healthy hot tub. When it comes to fun, kids have Candyland, and adults have hot tubs. Hanging out in a hot tub is one of the number one go-to for adult fun and relaxation.

Reading a book, relaxing after a hard day’s work, or throwing a hot tub party, are all great ways to enjoy a hot tub. What’s not enjoyable is trying to have this fun in a hot tub that hasn’t been maintained. Hot tub maintenance keeps your hot tub free of filth and grime, protects your health, and lets you have a little fun.

If you’re short on time or prefer a hassle-free approach, consider hiring a reputable hot tub cleaning service in Sisters Oregon (or elsewhere more relevant to you) to ensure your relaxation oasis stays pristine and enjoyable year-round. This will mean you can use your hot tub without worry of any hiccups and without any of the hard work scrubbing down the inside yourself. If you’re determined to invest the extra time and effort yourself, however, here are ten tips for easy hot tub maintenance.

Change Your Filter

Filters protect the skin from bacteria in the water. They should be changed every 60-90 days, 90 being the maximum. Hot tubs vary, but they all come with some filtration system. A filtration system circulates water through the hot tub, removing contaminants. These contaminants rest in a filter or filter system.

There are a few types of filters:few types of filters

  • Cartridge Filter

These filters are frequently used by most hot tub and jacuzzi brands. They are pleated, paper filters that are easy to change and may be used with a smaller filter.

  • Sand Filters

Bodies track all sorts of germs and dirt into hot tubs. These filters come filled with sand that catches particles as water filters through them.

  • Ceramic Filters

Remembering to change a filter can be a hassle. This filter type is very durable because it lasts for a few years and requires little maintenance. Universal filters are available, but they pair mostly with unpopular brands. Maintain your tub by timely switching out the filter.

Buy a Cover

Investing in a cover is another method of maintaining a jacuzzi or hot tub. Jacuzzi and hot tub covers save you money and time. Covers keep trash, debris, and contaminants from getting into the water. Cleaner water means less maintenance.

Normal wear and tear happen to hot tubs and jacuzzis. A cover protects some internal parts, adds life to the tub, and helps with water safety if small children are in the home. Hot tub covers from Costco are ideal.

Use a Cleanser

Hot tubs hold a lot of weight, but they still require pampering. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners when washing your unit. They will scratch the surface of your hot tub and cause irreparable damage.
Use a mild or foam-free soap that doesn’t suds up. Wipe the tub down with a soft cloth. This should nicely clean out dirt stains without damaging your hot tub.

Add household baking soda and clean in small concentrated patches for tougher stains. For more thorough instructions, always follow the owner’s manual, or if you don’t have to search for online manuals like Manualsnet.com, they are full of useful information and are free.

White VinegarEasy Hot Tub Maintenance

An urban adage says, “When all goes wrong, throw some dirt on it.” In the case of your hot tub, throw some vinegar in it. Well, don’t throw it. Mix it with water or a mild cleanser to remove dirt and grime.

  • How to Clean with Vinegar and Water

Mix equal parts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle. You can also use a small bucket or cup. Spray down your hot tub shell with the solution and allow it to stand for about 20 minutes.

If you are using a bucket and sponge, concentrate the mixture on a certain shell area and let it sit a bit before wiping it down. This solution can be used on a cover as well. Use a soft cloth to wipe the tub down, repeating if necessary.

  • How to Clean with Vinegar and Mild Soap

Combine like water and vinegar, adding a teaspoon or less of a mild cleanser. Spray the shell down but only allow the solution to sit a few minutes. Wipe the area down with a non-abrasive sponge or cloth, adding a tablespoon of baking soda if necessary to focus on tougher spots. White vinegar has acidic qualities, which makes it more effective and less toxic than other household products.

  • Try Women’s Hose

Maintaining a hot tub has a lot to do with water quality. Using women’s pantyhose is a great way to enhance the water quality in your shell. Pantyhose acts as an additional filter. Read your owner’s manual to locate your tub’s filter system. Wrap a pair of hose around the skimmer baskets. This will help gather smaller particles that get past the baskets.

Clean Your Skimmer Basket

Skimmer baskets help stop large debris from traveling into the filtration system. Your skimmer basket should be checked and cleaned weekly. If not, the trash inside of it could block filter flow.

Drain and Fill with Clean Water

inside of it could block filter flow.

Save cleaning time and finances by replacing the water in your hot tub. Buying products (chemical agents) like chlorine and bromine to control the balance in the water can get expensive.

It costs less to drain your hot tub, wipe it down, and fill it back up with the correct level of chemicals. You should replace the water in your hot tub every three months, more frequently, to save money and time.

Check Your Water Weekly

Balancing the chemicals in your hot tub is tricky, especially if you frequent it on the regular. Chemicals levels can go up and down at any time, making the water unhealthy. Measure your water quality weekly with test strips. Test strips measure the water’s pH balance, chlorine, and alkalinity. When these are out of balance, it’s time to treat or change the water.

Don’t Allow It to Freeze.

Your hot tub should rub as normal. Allowing it to freeze can cause a lot of damage to different parts if you are a snowbird who normally travels south for the winter and must leave your hot tub unattended, drain it or purchase a winter blanket. Winter blankets keep the water hot consistently.

Swimming Caps and Hats

People use all sorts of products in their hair–gels, oils, hair sprays, and leave-in conditioners. Keep swimming caps and hats on deck for you and your guests to cover your hair. This helps protect the water balance from hair products that contain awkward chemicals.

Hot Tub Maintenance is Vital

Hot tubs are fun and a great way to entertain guests. However, taking care of them can be a headache. Follow these maintenance tips to ease the annoyance of caring for your hot tub or jacuzzi. Check out our lifestyle guide for more fun life hacks.

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