4 Home Tech Gadgets to Make Life Easier

Written By Alla Levin
June 21, 2019

Home tech gadgets for a better life

Home Tech Gadgets, smart gadgets, and devices are becoming more and more popular as the years go by. Whether we’re browsing our smartphones or asking Alexa question after question, most of us are benefitting from this new technology in some way.

One area that’s recently become quite tech-focused is the home, and here are four useful home tech gadgets that are sure to make your life easier.

Robot Vacuum CleanersRobot Vacuum Cleaners

With the day to day demands of life, most of us are simply too tired or busy at the end of the day to do the dishes, never mind hoover up.

That’s where robot vacuum’s come in handy, which glide seamlessly around the home and pick up even the smallest bits of dirt or debris. Prices of these vacuum’s range from around £150 to £899 for the higher end models.

You can choose to either press a button when you want your device to start cleaning or schedule it to start automatically at certain points throughout each day, letting you come home to a clean and tidy home. Check what you need to look for when buying a robot floor cleaner.

Smart LightingSmart Lighting

If you’re prone to leaving the lights on when you’re not in and worried about the effect this is having on energy waste, smart lighting is a perfect gadget to consider.

Smart lighting works by connecting to other devices like your smartphone and allows you to control your lighting more easily with the touch of a button. You can also automate your lighting and set up the times of the day that you want it to switch on and off, along with setting more ambient lighting effects.

This type of lighting is so popular that more property investment companies are starting to use it in their off-plan buy to let properties.

Smart lighting helps tenants or homeowners to live more eco-friendly lifestyles, stopping them from using the lights when they’re not in the room or not home.

Since the world is now a lot more concerned with environmental issues, the popularity of smart lighting is sure to continue growing for years to come.

Advanced ScalesWhat to Look for When Buying a Robot Floor Cleaner

One recent tech trend that’s emerged is smart scales, which make a handy addition to any home’s bathroom.

These scales are intelligent enough to measure more than your weight, picking up on your body water content, heart rate, fat content, and more. This is also the perfect gadget for the whole family to use, as it’s able to instantly recognize who is using the scales due to keeping a record of their weight and other details.

Better yet, if you’re tracking weight loss or any type of progress, the scales are able to sync up to your smartphone and allow you to monitor this journey more easily.

Smart LocksHome tech gadgets

If you ever worry that you haven’t locked your door, or you’re sick of fumbling around to get your keys out your bag while you’re already running late, smart locks are a trend you’re sure to benefit from.

Many smart locks allow users to lock and unlock their door by using an app, which means you don’t have to rush home once you realize you’ve left the front door unlocked. Smart locks are amazing gadgets for smart home, often also diminish the need for keys altogether, allowing you to use your fingerprint or face recognition to lock and unlock the door.

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