The Benefits of Magento Platform

Written By Alla Levin
November 18, 2018

Discover Those Brilliant Magento Platform Advantages 

What is the Magento Platform? Magento is an e-commerce platform geared toward online retailers and includes a flexible shopping cart system. With the Magento platform, the user can control the content, the way the site functions, and the overall look of their e-commerce store.

Also, Bing Digital offers site management to assist any business with its Magento e-commerce site, helping to maximize marketing tools, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools that Magento offers.

Suppose you’re looking to launch an online e-commerce site, and you’re having trouble deciding which platform to use. In that case, magento ecommerce development agency can help you understand the benefits of selecting the Magento e-commerce platform.

A Custom Web Design and Hire a Magento Web Developer

Hire Magento Web Developer 

Magento is known for its modern design trends. There are hundreds of Magento web designs (a variety of templates and themes) to select from, allowing each online shopping business to customize its websites.

By offering a variety of web designs, businesses can ensure their site’s design aesthetic supports their branding efforts; that is why hiring a Magento web developer is essential.

Security and Supports Multi-Websites

Customers want to be certain that their personal information is secure when they enter it on a site. Magento is known for its order security. Magento can host multiple websites on one back-end admin, unlike other host sites. This important feature alone is what makes Magento so popular. For example, you can create men’s and women’s divisions in your store and share the data between the two.

Hosting Freedom

Although you may not have a reason to move your website from one host to the next, a business isn’t obligated to stay with any specific hosting site. With Magento, an e-commerce retail store is free to select their choice of hosting site without being penalized. This allows online shopping businesses to choose the host that’s most cost-efficient and effective for their business.

SEO and Mobile-Optimized

magento seo extension

As most online users now access the Internet from their mobile devices, a business website must be mobile-optimized. Magento is mobile-optimized and known for staying up-to-date with mobile web design standards. Being mobile-optimized, it allows Magento to be an SEO solution keeping up with SEO ranking factors.

Product Management and Order Preferences

Magento has product management options that keep track of inventory and include custom reporting features. With Magento, an online store owner can effortlessly review their transaction history, update product descriptions, add images of inventory (or other content), export reports and customer purchase history and update inventory (add and remove).

Third-Party Custom IntegrationsMagento security options

Third-party integrations such as MailChimp, various social media applications (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), and PayPal are some of the major web applications and payment gateways that can connect to Magento. Third-party integrations allow for a more time-saving, efficient, and effective way to market. You’re able to operate across various platforms all at once.

Currency and Language Options

Another feature that sets Magento apart from the others is it offers the option of a variety of languages. The fact that Magento supports multiple sites allows for multiple language options.

Another benefit to Magento is it provides the opportunity to pay in foreign currencies, while many open-source e-commerce hosts don’t have this option; that’s why you need to Hire Magento Web Developer. Flexibility with cash makes Magento the best option for domestic and international companies.

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