5 Tips for Designing a Conference Room

Written By Alla Levin
July 02, 2019
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Tips for Designing a Conference Room

Meeting rooms and conference rooms can leave a significant impression on business clients. The appearance, décor, and style of the room can either inspire or distract them from making decisions and sharing ideas to conference room design.

Since conference rooms are typically where potential customers, business partners, and company employees meet, it is essential to ensure that it looks professional, yet stylish.

Here are tips on decorating a conference room that meets both employee and client needs.

How does the meeting room best fit intended users?

Space is a primary consideration since not every office has enough floor space for a big meeting room. If the room is small, prioritize comfort when choosing furniture.

In selecting from conference room tables for sale, check the size and height so that you can add the right matching chairs with enough elbow room when everyone is seated. Do not cram the room with furniture.

There needs to be space for people to walk around and bring in materials for presentations if needed.

Furniture style and table configurationConference Room Design

There are different styles of chairs and tables to choose from. Conference tables used today are either oval or rectangular. If you want the speaker to engage more with everyone in the room, why not consider a U-shaped conference table?

On the other hand, a classroom-style set-up can accommodate more people but is not as interactive.

Picking the right room in the office

Ideally, a conference room needs to be as far from distractions as possible. A room that is facing the lobby or the main office floor is not ideal because it is near where a lot of things are happening at once.

Look for a more secluded area, but if this is not possible, you can soundproof the room to minimize distraction.

The color of the room also makes a significant impact on the productivity of a meeting. Cool colors like blue make people feel more relaxed. Nevertheless, choosing a paint color and wall design ultimately depends on the company’s brand and overall design aesthetic.

Conference room design: Equip the room with amenitiesEquip the room with amenities

A projector screen is a focal point in any conference room. The size of the screen should be proportional to the room where it is big enough for everyone to see, but not too overwhelming. You also need to consider the proper placement of cables, speakers, and other accessories.

A meeting room also needs to have some amenities such as a small refrigerator to keep cold drinks. If possible, have pedestals and small cabinets where guests can keep their belongings.

Lighting and other decorative elements

Once you have considered the major components of the meeting room, you can proceed with the smaller details such as choosing the right lighting. Lights should not be directly overhead because it will be too glaring. Recessed lighting using LED bulbs is ideal. The lighting should not make the room too hot. Check some tips that may come in handy when you putting together your first business event.

Lastly, other decorative elements will tie the room together. If you are going for a more relaxed atmosphere, consider adding plants to the room. You can get creative, but make sure that it remains consistent with the company’s image.

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