The Best Photographs from Trierenberg Super Circuit

Written By Alla Levin
April 23, 2017

The World’s Largest Photo Art Contest

Trierenberg Super Circuit was organized as an international standard of photography. The purpose of the contest is to identify the best photos in different styles, techniques, and genres.

In the last two decades, the Trierenberg Super Circuit photo contest has attracted hundreds of thousands of artworks from almost all over the world. This is undoubtedly the most significant annual photographic salon in the world. Many people call Trierenberg Super Circuit a photographic “Oscar.”

The organizer of the photo competition is Christian Hinterobermaier. The competition is supported by such acclaimed photography organizations like the Photographic Society of America, and International Federation of Artistic Photography (FIAP), the only one art organization whose authority in the field of international photo art is recognized by UNESCO.

The worldwide fame of the contest attracts incredible attention of the media and sponsors.

Such large scale prestigious photo exhibition contest attracts photographers from all over the world every year. The organizers conceived that this project has a significant purpose of demonstrating and supporting international standards of the perfect photographs.

Just recently Trierenberg Super Circuit published the results of the competition 2017. The Grand Prix 2017 won Horst Kistner from Germany.

The winner has received the Grand Prix Trophy VICTORIA and a cash prize of 5.000 Euro. Trierenberg Super Circuit in the list of top 5 The World’s Largest Photo Art Contest.

trierenberg super circuit 2017
By Alexander Remnev, “Fearless” (Russia)
super circuit
By Alois Bumberger, “Grace” (Austria)
photography contest themes, ballet, Nude
By Arkadiusz Branicki, “Hand” (Poland)
al thani lion
By Bob Devine, “Lion cub walking portrait” (England)
By Danut-Adrian Borda “Romania Bliss”
photographic competition themes
By DDiArte, “Apollo” (Portugal)
photography competitions
By Dmitriy Belyaev “Lady with a horse” (Russia)
By Flóra Borsi "Animeyed-kitty" (Hungary)
By Flóra Borsi “Animeyed-kitty” (Hungary)
photography competitions
Josef Nusko “Golling Mühle” (Austria)
photography awards, raccoon
By Klaus-Peter Selzer, “Geschafft” (Germany)
online photography competition
By Li Weiguang, “Mode of thinking” (China)
By Maitham Al Misry, "Horse jump" (Kuwait)
By Maitham Al Misry, “Horse jump” (Kuwait)
photography competition_ Quinn Chan_bear
By Quinn Chan, “Mom keep us warm” (USA)
World's Largest Photo Art Contest
By Tanja Brandt, “Hide from the rain” (Germany)
portrait photography Alfred Weissenegger from Austria
“Tender embrace” taken by Alfred Weissenegger from Austria

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