How to Use SEO to Promote Your Online Casino?

Written By Alla Levin
November 19, 2019

How to Use SEO to Promote Your Online Casino?

Has SEO lost its effectiveness on the Internet? Absolutely not! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies are as relevant today as they’ve ever been. In fact, without SEO, it would be virtually impossible to promote your online casino to players at all.

The online casino industry is particularly competitive, given the ballooning interest in games of blackjack, baccarat, Texas Hold’em, video slots, and live dealer games.

SEO is not a stand-alone task; it is used in conjunction with an overall strategy aimed at promoting your online casino to players. It begins with a careful analysis of the brand, the industry, and the players. If you are looking to generate traffic and add value to your online casino, an SEO toolkit is especially important.

It all starts with a multi-pronged approach to marketing your online casino to the world. How will you showcase your games and software, bonuses and promotions, customer service excellence, and the VIP program?

Cast your net wide and you will reel in more players than you thought possible. Content marketing strategies are rarely focused on one track alone. To this end, it’s important to generate user-specific LPs (landing pages), powerful video marketing techniques, blogs, and keyword-optimized content. Unfortunately, many online casinos fail to heed this rudimentary SEO advice. One casino that does a stellar job at maximizing the effectiveness of its SEO work is 888casino (pictured below).

By highlighting concepts like ‘responsible gambling’, the casino automatically attracts players who are looking for a responsible gambling operator. Few online casinos actively promote responsible gambling as a policy and typically tend to bury it within the privacy and responsible gaming pages on the footer of the LP, paying nothing more than lip service to this important aspect of regulated gaming.

By headlining with ‘responsible gambling week’, 888casino automatically stands out from the competition. But it’s not just a few words on a landing page that characterizes an effective SEO strategy.

You Can’t Beat High-Quality Casino Content Periodresponsible gambling week’,

Ever heard the cliched expression – Content is King? It’s true even today. Trite though it may be, content is always going to position your online casino well on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Safari, and other search engines.

The algorithms that govern the functionality of search engines are continually being updated to seek content that is dynamic, educational, insightful, relevant, novel, and well researched.

The credentials of the author also factor into the SEO-ranking appeal of the content. While many online casinos tend to us lowly writers to rehash old content on the Internet, the most successful online casinos pay for expert content and it shows in the SEO rankings of these sites.

Of course, your content needs a home at an online casino. That’s where a casino blog comes into the picture. Once again, the 888casino Blog ranks among the finest agglomeration of world-class casino content on the web. The expert articles, analysis, game reviews, and insights are thoroughly researched by highly-educated individuals including professors, gambling experts, game developers, software engineers, experienced casino management, and the like. There is no substitute for quality in the race towards SEO greatness.

‘Write it well and they will come running in their droves!’


Make Your Online Casino SEO Friendly with Keyword Research

As an SEO manager, you are always on the lookout for the hottest search trends on ranking search engines. Who is searching for what? Where are they based? How can you maximize your SEO budget by using this information to your advantage? Keyword research is not a guessing game.

You don’t simply put your thumb in your mouth and then wait for the powers that be to drop a bucketful of SEO suggestions on your content marketing team. It’s a lot more analytically oriented with powerful data searches and useful tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner Tool.

This tool is an indispensable resource in your SEO toolkit. It tells you about the average monthly search volumes for specific search items.

It also tells you what to expect in terms of competition, and pricing. Remember, you have organic SEO which doesn’t cost anything and you’ve got paid advertising with Google AdWords and the like. A healthy mix is recommended. When necessary, you may find it useful to create a brand-new landing page for a specific keyword.

It’s important to follow the keyword trail all the way to play centrally. The algorithms of major search engines can easily pick up the most-searched-for phrases, keywords, and terms relating to your specific industry. By implementing SEO measures, your online casino will win more players and attract more bets.

Promote Online Casino: Mobile-Friendly SEO Strategy for Online CasinosSEO Strategy for Online Casinos

It seems almost outrageous to suggest that online casinos don’t optimize for mobile, but it really happens. According to Statista the online gambling market in 2017 was worth $45.8 billion, and by 2024 is expected to more than double to $94.4 billion. This is certainly not a small industry, and it’s a testament to the fabulous appeal of online gaming in general. If so many people are playing, and so many people have mobile phones, it stands to reason that a mobile-optimized online casino is sacrosanct.

Most ranking websites today offer apps at the Google Play Store and the App Store for the mobile-optimized version.

It’s not just a few tweaks here and there; it’s an entire modification geared towards maximum functionality, user-friendliness, user experience, and SEO. Would you believe that Google uses something known as Mobile-First Indexing as the primary way that it ranks online casinos? If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, it’s not getting that top ranking!

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