Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best IAS Academy in Delhi

Written By Alla Levin
December 09, 2019

Why choosing the best IAS academy in Delhi can’t be taken for granted?

The human psyche is always apprehensive while beginning with something new. And the same applies to choose the best IAS academy in Delhi. A lot is at stake while making the decision.

Well, you can order a meal in a restaurant in a reckless manner. Another brand of T-shirt would also do well. But the importance of choosing the best IAS academy in Delhi can be assessed by the very fact that your entire career depends on how well you choose.

An IAS academy plays far more important a role in equipping you to join IAS than what you might have thought of while beginning to prepare for the Civil Services Exam. Many of the IAS aspirants leave their homes and families behind.

They move to Delhi with great expectations.

Thus, if the IAS academy in Delhi chosen by you does not prove to be competent enough, how can it equip you well to face and score an edge over the entire competition during the Civil Services Exam? So, it would only make sense not to jeopardize the probability of your clearing the IAS Exam by choosing the IAS academy in Delhi without making all the required considerations.

The Simplest & the Easiest Guide to Opt for the Best IAS Academy

As you are in Delhi with a purpose, that is to say, to prepare for the IAS Exam in a flawlessly competent manner; it’s advisable to make a few considerations first before you opt for the IAS academy.

Here is the simplest & the easiest guide to opt for the same:

How dedicated is the IAS academy to help you realize your dream?The Simplest & the Easiest Guide to Opt for the Best IAS Academy

Does the IAS academy that you choose to go to treat your ambition as its own? It’s of the first and foremost importance and should never be underestimated by any means.

If the academy to opt for is not interested in helping you realize your dream, then it’s only money-minting machinery. Would you like the fee you pay to go down the train, apart from your entire time and effort (invested in the exercise of preparing for the Exam), go down the drain? Of course, not!

The Faculty Members

You have sought admission to the IAS coaching academy to be guided well in order to clear the IAS Exam. And it’s the faculty that has to coach and impart all the skills in you to crack the Exam in the very first attempt itself.

So, it’s advisable to make the following considerations:

  • Do the faculties have a thorough knowledge of their respective subjects, fulfilling all the requirements of the syllabus for the Civil Services Exam prescribed by UPSC?
  • Do the faculty members opt for the teaching methodologies as per the requirements of the changing Examination patterns of the CSE?
  • Are your queries solved satisfactorily?

MentorshipUPSC Interview

The faculty members might be great experts at coaching you for the IAS Exam, but, at times, the classroom sessions do not seem to be sufficient. A classroom session is meant for the entire batch.

What if you have a unique query/ /problem/issue/drawback/ etc. that needs to be addressed individually, for it might handicap your preparation for the IAS Exam to a considerable extent? And it’s here that mentorship comes into the picture. The IAS academy that you opt for should provide flawlessly competent mentorship so that all the individual drawbacks that are unique to you but might affect your preparation for the Exam are also taken care of.

Current Affairs

All the classroom coaching sessions for various Subjects/Topics/Papers should treat the Current Affairs in the right perspective. Apart from imparting the knowledge of the Current Affairs in a competent manner, putting the same in a balanced perspective while teaching all other Subjects and Papers is not to be under-estimated for it provides you with a balanced and unprejudiced view of what goes around in the world at various platforms.

And the knowledge is going to play a decisive role when it comes to face the Mains and the UPSC Interview. Gaining an unprejudiced perspective goes a great way in the making of a capable IAS officer.

Needless to say, your awareness of the Current affairs and the unprejudiced perspective that you opt for is going to be reflected in your written answers for the Mains and the spoken ones during the UPSC Interview. And that, of course, would let you have the edge over the entire competition.

Study Materialbest IAS academy in Delhi.

Till now, we have been talking of the faculty and the mentors to a considerable extent. What about your self-study? It’s you who has to prepare for the IAS Exam? Thus, it’s you who has to cater to the requirement of self-study.

And how do you plan and go ahead with your schedule to study at home? Thus, the study material provided by the IAS academy should be:

  • As per the UPSC syllabus
  • Lucid and clear
  • Flawlessly competent that does not leave any of the relevant information required to crack the IAS Exam

However, it should never be forgotten that apart from considering what all has been suggested in the beginner’s guide above, you should not take a hasty decision.

There’s an old saying that haste makes waste. The beginner’s guide given above is the simplest and the easiest one. It generalizes the considerations to be made by all the IAS aspirants before choosing the best IAS academy in Delhi.

But, it would go a long way to remember that all the individuals are unique. And so is an IAS aspirant. It applies to you as well. You, like any other aspirant, would face a few issues specifically related to you. It’s best not to ignore the problem and address it.

For example, if you think that you would not be able to study well in the English medium, opt for an IAS Academy that provides coaching in the Hindi medium as well.

Thus, if you see to it that the academy chosen by you caters to your unique requirements concerning the preparation for the IAS Exam, the probability of its being the best IAS academy in Delhi is strengthened undoubtedly.

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