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Quality Cordless Drills for Contractors – Top Buyer’s Guide

Gone are the days when machines had cords that were supposed to be connected to a power supply. In this modern era, most of the portable machines that are used by mechanics are cordless.

This is also true in terms of drills that are used to drill holes in walls for multiple purposes. There are several types of cordless drills in the market. Different types of contractors use such drills daily for various projects.

It is true that finding a reliable and best quality cordless drill is critical for any type of project. Similarly, the cordless drill should be a good value for money and equally durable.

Common Questions to Answer Before Buying a Cordless Drill

According to recent data, almost every contractor in the US has a cordless drill. There are several questions you need to answer before you finally decide to buy a cordless drill for your use.

It is needless to say that a good quality drill happens to be the cornerstone of any type of repair and construction.

Whether you prefer to do DIY tasks or whether you are a professional, a cordless drill is something of a must for every craftsman.

Is the Drill That You Choose Durable in Nature?Is the Drill That You Choose Durable in Nature

Have you ever observed the amount of abuse a drill has to go through in the hands of a construction worker?

When you talk about the abuse, it does not refer to the amount of work it has to do. It simply means the way it is packed and carried from one site or job to another.

It has to bear different types of weather conditions, remain in dusty conditions for long hours or even days, and chucked in one corner of a van or a truck with several other types of machinery.

This simply means that the cordless drill that you buy has to be durable and tough. In other words, it has to be built to last. If you ask any contractor or a construction worker, after the circular saw, the drill probably takes the most abuse.

It will not be a bad idea to buy something with a good warranty and to register a new drill online.

Is It Supposed to Work In Tight Spaces?

Most of the time, this question will get overlooked. Although access will not pose a major problem in most of the day to day jobs, there will certainly be situations wherein you may have to work in some tight spaces.

Such places include closets and kitchen cabinets. During such times, you will want the drill to get into small spaces easily and to complete a job fast.

If you use a large-sized heavy-duty drill in tight spots, these will fail to perform properly. Most of the time, you will have to use a small-sized drill to complete a job in hand.

Thankfully, you will come across several smaller and compact cordless drills in the market that can easily be used in tight spots.

Unlike popular beliefs, you will not lose any power if you use a compact drill due to the presence of 20-volt batteries and good torque.

Is It Important for A Cordless Drill to Have Batteries?Cordless Drill to Have Batteries

There are several factors that make cordless power tools more efficient than corded ones. Apart from the use of powerful motors with some of the best quality parts, the lithium-ion batteries also enable cordless power tools to work like a charm.

The last couple of years have witnessed some of the most dramatic changes to the overall standard of the batteries that are used in cordless power tools.

Gone are the days when Nicad was used in these power tools. In this modern era, you will find Li-on batteries in almost every cordless power tool available at the stores.

The primary difference between these two different types of batteries is the length of their lives. This is something to do with the charging memory.

The main factor of this discussion is that Li-on batteries are way better than Nicad in a number of ways. When you decide to buy a cordless power tool, always make it a point to check the power of the batteries. It is important for you to know that a battery of 12V power will fail to do a good job for you.

Although it is fine for some odd jobs at home, it is certainly not suitable for construction projects. The best power for a battery is 20V for any type of project that you undertake.

Lastly, you also need to find out the charging time needed to charge a battery and how long will the charge last. It will also not be a bad idea to try and find out if similar batteries are used in any other tool in your box.

This can save you some money when you need to buy a new set of batteries for your cordless drill.

Are Cordless Drills Suitable for A Job?Quality Cordless Drills

It will be a sheer waste of time, effort, and money when you buy a tool blindly and finally find out that it is of no use for you. It may either lack a sufficient amount of power or may have other factors that can render it useless for you.

When it comes to a cordless drill, these factors are often the RPM or the battery size or the torque. When you buy a good quality drill, these are the factors that you actually pay for.

It is important for you to understand here that any drill will be suitable for you when it comes to dealing with simple home projects. Even a simple drill can handle a simple basic task in hand.

On the contrary, when it comes to day to day working in projects, you will require a drill that will get the job done accurately and faster for you.

Thus, it will be a good idea to check and see if a drill is indeed suitable for you or not before buying it.

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