Global Key Trends 2023

Written By Alla Levin
January 02, 2020

Future Trends: What to Expect From Business Trends 2023

Let us discover what future trends have been waiting for us stepping into the new 2023; the future tech focuses on three aspects, namely: speed, size, and cost. Marshall McLuhan holds that for us to look at the present, we ought to gaze at our past, just the way we should match backward into the future.

Future trends tend to be interlinked with past and present socioeconomic and cultural perspectives. That’s why people play an integral part in shaping the sociology of technology. From Kjaer Global, we look into four key areas of digital transformation—SMART, WELLNESS, SOCIAL, ORGANIC– and see how they will fare by 2023.


Strategic ‘Big Data’

The advent of Big Data has merged with social content to give rise to strategic software and tools that predict buying behaviors and attitudes. This allows brands to deliver improved experiences to their clients.

Currently, organizations are the ones that most benefit from this Big Data, but sooner, not later than 2023, or so, people will demand their share of the data value. The data mining boom and its Nate Silver Effect will inspire data-driven journalism that can adequately predict the future.

The Global Brain

BY 2023, the internet will connect basically to everything and therefore affect many facets of society, from politics to education to media to commerce and health, among others. Deep learning has led to augmented reality, which means the future tech will greatly facilitate fast and accurate decoding of multi-layered information.

WellbeingCloud Health

Cloud Health

By 2023, chronic diseases will account for almost 75% of deaths globally. Cloud intelligence is giving rise to Quantified Self Apps, Mobile Diagnostics, and Intuitive Bio-Feedback, which are becoming active resources for daily healthy living.

You will be able to perform personal health digital analysis to help make better decisions for a better life. This trend is expected to explode when health professionals design health management systems for prevention rather than cure.


The belief that good life results from the consumption of good stuff is now getting challenged. There are now more ideas that tend to redefine a fulfilled life. For business, managers realize that their success is greatly appended to employees with a mindful approach to work and life in general.

Today, the Harvard Business School’s course on ‘Positive Psychology as The Catalyst For Change’ is getting an influx of subscribers, which means we are soon expecting a new breed of business leaders. Future economic models will most likely consider data in measuring their happiness/ success levels.

Social Global Citizens

Global Citizens

With technology transforming the world into a global village, people will want to migrate for career and life experiences to discover new horizons. The demand for affinity networks and familiar touchpoints is set to grow exponentially. Tomorrow’s Global citizens will demand talent, agility, convergence, and seamless services to be incorporated into whatever services are being offered.


In 2012, the global growth of crowdfunding had grown by 60%, with about $3 billion in transactions. We could see a radical change in the way crowdfunding happens for entrepreneurs and SMEs. People will want to have a share in the startups they purchase from and become respected partners rather than just being consumers.

Technology Trends 2023


The 21st-century business space is governed by mindful consumption. We are returning to local sourcing and manufacturing, which demand cultural craftsmanship and authenticity.

Well, businesses and individuals will merge to practice “betterness,” such as making a positive impact on the greater good of all. But agility and scalability will be needed to balance things–costs, transport, ethics, etc.–which will be facilitated by advanced technologies like 3D printing, among others.

Mobile Education Future Trends

The emergence and growth of online degrees and MBA programs are redefining learning completely. The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and Codecademy will result in a major educational transformation by 2023. Global entrepreneurs, technologists, and leaders are teaming up to chart the road map for the evolution of new technology-based courses.

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