Small Space Living Ideas and Essentials 

Written By Alla Levin
February 19, 2020
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Small Space Living Ideas and Essentials

When it comes to decorating a room, we comfortably take charge as an interior designer in our head and imagine a room that’s straight outta dreams.

We want our den to be the most beautiful place on the planet with everything perfect and arranged in order.

But more often than not, we mess up the interiors because our imagination is not in sync with the real dimension of the house.

Does that mean you cannot have a pretty looking room? Of course Not!

However, if you’re on a budget, try out some great online offers on furniture to help you save maximum.

You can scout for the best deals and discounts on furniture and home decor to make your home look “aww-some” without spending a fortune.

Budget home decor and furniture ideas can help you save big bucks while equipping your room with all things nice. 

If you belong to the tribe that’s searching for the best ideas to make small space living ideas, we’ve got your back.

We understand the pain of decorating a room smaller in size by trying to squeeze in everything necessary without making it look like a dump house.

Here are some really cool ways to decorate and design your small room to make it appear bigger and more spacious. 

Ways to Make A Small Room Appear Big

You can spend lakhs and convert your room into something really fancy to gaze at but the real art is to create an awe-inspiring decor in a small living space, that too on a budget.

Take cues from these ideas before you begin to channelize your inner Kelly Wearstler to decore your rooms.

Say YES to Space-Saving Furniture

Get creative with the choice of furniture in your small room. Furniture can take up the maximum space in any setting.

If your room is small in size, consider purchasing multi-purpose furniture that can be turned into a different piece of utility after use.

A bed-cum-sofa, shelf table tops, bookshelf chair and a lot of other combinations will work wonder in creating space in your otherwise smaller room.

Look for space-saving furniture designs and adorn your room in the most trendy way possible. 

Not just these, you can also trust stacked tools and pedestal tables to make the most out of your furniture products.

Go for handy make-shift furniture that is not just comfortable but also give you enough free space as and when you want. 

Pick Up The Light Theme

It’s true that dark colors can make any space look compact. If you want your room to appear bigger than it actually is, go for light color painting and theme.

Shades of pastel colors can not just make a room look larger than it really is but is also very refreshing and soothing to look at.

It will change the aura of your room and sprinkle positivity almost all the time.

Choose the light shade hues to paint your room and team it up with a splash of lively some lively colors.

You can scroll through the home-painting portals online to help you with classy yet lively suggestions.

Experiment with combination painting but do keep in mind that the motto is to make the small room appear big and so, it’s important to choose light-colored wall paints.

Tone It Down With Minimal DecorMinimal Decor

Donning your room with all things fancy is definitely your desire but when the size of your room is not as big, it’s better to scale down the decoration as much as possible.

Go for minimalistic paintings and cute decor rather than going over-board with the interiors.

Over-doing the decorations will make your living space look cluttered and in turn, small and that’s exactly not what you want, right?

So, go ahead and choose the basic decor for your small space kitchen, room, or home in general.  

Small Space Living Ideas – Use the Ceiling Space

If your room is small in size, let your interior designer play with the ceiling space.

Small rooms have the capability to look extremely cute if designed systematically and carefully.

Using the ceiling space to give a touch of a floral or breezy theme can help you in turning the small area into nothing less than a fairytale palace. 

Go for ceiling lights or budget chandeliers as well as other ceiling decorations to make your living space look prettier than ever.

They not only free your walls but also add charm to the room. 

Incorporate Better Use Of MirrorsIncorporate Better Use Of Mirrors

Mirrors are known for creating an illusion in any living space. Place a wall-sized mirror to make your small living space appear big and also lively.

Mirrors add an interactive charm to any setting and so it’s a good idea to play with a mirror as a decor object.

You can either go for a full-sized mirror or multiple small mirrors to create a fantasy space for yourself.

Look for different mirror designs that can add additional decor to your room

Small rooms can look quite captivating if designed tactfully.

Though most efforts in making a small space look bigger lies in keeping it clean and organized, hiring an interior designer who knows the job well can ease it for you.

Experiment with classy, cute, and minimalistic things for your small rooms and see them look bigger than they actually are. Let us know if our ideas were helpful!

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