Reasons Why Companies Should Make The Switch To Green Cleaning

Written By Alla Levin
March 27, 2020
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5 Essential Reasons Why Companies Should Make The Switch To Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning: it’s no secret, we have slowly been destroying our planet. The good news is we are starting to make an active change to try to reduce and reverse the negative impacts we have on the environment.

We all know the importance of taking our reusable shopping bags wherever we go and taking our reusable coffee cups to cafes.

It’s becoming easier and trendier for individuals to make a switch to save our world and feel rather smug about it at the same time.

However, businesses seem to be a little slower when it comes to jumping on this positive change.

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Surprisingly, not all businesses are aware of why and how traditional chemical cleaning can affect us, read on to find out why your business should make the switch today.

Chemicals Can Destroy Marine Life

Almost every cleaning product is destined to end up down a drain somewhere.

While water waste plants make every attempt to remove this, in reality, only a small percentage of these chemicals are removed.

This means these products filter down to our marine life, this can then be consumed by one organism, which can lead to an entire food chain being affected.

We often forget that we are at the top of this food chain. Just like microplastics, we can end up eating fish and other marine life that are filled with nasty chemicals.

There have also been reports of these chemicals finding their way into our drinking water, although this isn’t frequent if we continue at the rate we are going we may never have safe drinking water again!

It Can Protect Your HealthProtect Your Health

After you’ve sterilized your work environment with the latest germ killer, you may feel reassured that you and your workforce are safe and your health won’t be impeded.

Unfortunately, some of those harsh chemicals on the market can be making your workers sick.

For those who suffer from asthma and other respiratory problems, chemical cleaners often contain monoethanolamine, this has a direct link with making breathing problems worse.

Many schools and other buildings that children frequent have banned these as they can see an immediate negative impact thanks to these.

You also remove the risk of chemical fires or any accidents from mixing products and creating harmful fumes that can hospitalize staff and in a worst-case scenario, cause death.

Reduce Waste

Green cleaning isn’t just about chemical products, but also other items such as cleaning cloths.

If you make the switch to green products, this can be washed and reused, reducing what ends up in our landfill.

Chemical cleaners that come in plastic bottles often can’t have their packaging recycled.

This is due to the type of plastic needed to prevent the product from corroding through the bottle.

Natural cleaners typically come in fully recyclable packaging and you can often find refillable products that are sold in minimal plastic.

Cleaner Airrecyclable packaging

Chemical cleaners will always leave particles lingering in the air, no matter how well you think you have rinsed your surfaces down.

Offices spaces don’t always have great airflow, especially if windows are limited.

Natural, green cleaners won’t leave any harmful particles in your air, meaning you are not breathing anything horrible into your lungs.

There is also a direct link between the hydrocarbons and compressed gases contained in aerosols and damage to the ozone layer.

If we all eliminate these from our daily use, we can start to reverse the damage we have done to our planet and reduce and slow down climate change.

In turn, this creates a better world for all humans and nature combined.

It Can Save You Money

By purchasing reusable items, you only have to pay the initial cost instead of wasting money on single-use items.

Although reusable items are often more expensive to purchase, they can save you cash in the long-run.

It is also really easy to make home-made cleaning products. Household items can be mixed to create a natural cleaner.

These ingredients are relatively cheap and can create far more product than the cost of purchasing just one.

Vinegar, olive oil and lemon juice aren’t just for cooking, they are all essential elements of natural cleaners.

Some people are reluctant to make the change, it is a common misconception that green cleaning products don’t produce the same results as chemical cleaners.

However, natural products can produce the same effect, if not better!

You may need to use a little more elbow grease but nothing too extreme.

They can also kill the same germs that chemical cleaners do, vinegar works well for killing cold and flu viruses and doesn’t leave toxic chemicals around your office!

So, next time you are stocking the office cleaning cupboard or are looking for a contract cleaner, make a conscious effort to choose green, after all, there is no excuse not to!Why Companies Should Make The Switch To Green Cleaning

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