Summer Eye Trends To Try In Lockdown

Written By Alla Levin
May 28, 2020

Summer Eye Trends To Try In Lockdown

While numerous fashionistas have abandoned their makeup routine in favor of the ‘lockdown’ natural look, we think it’s about time you pick up those makeup brushes again. It’s been months since we had an opportunity to look glam, and with summer approaching, now is the perfect time to practice these this year’s latest trends and be party-ready once we can see our friends again. When it comes to eyes, there is nothing more important than investing in the right falsies, award-winning strip lashes can make the difference between mediocre and show-stopping looks.

No matter what the latest craze is or your makeup artist abilities, popping a pair of lashes on correctly will always bring out the best in your beauty. But while we’re stuck in lockdown and unable to catch up on looks from our friends or take inspiration from others we see on the street, it can be tricky to know just what is this summer’s must-have look.

We bring you this season’s 5 top summer eye trends to try in lockdown, perfect for a socially distant meet-up, a virtual first-date, or only something to keep you entertained while searching for something to do.

Go-To Glitter

Glitter isn’t just for Christmas; we can use it all year round! You may not be able to attend festivals this year, but there are plenty of virtual streaming gigs going on, so why not dress up? You can even host your festival in your garden with your household.

Chunky glitter is this summer’s most significant trend. You should always try to opt for a plastic-free, biodegradable brand. Sweep this across the bridge of your nose and into the inner corner of your eyes. Catwalks have been flooded with this style, and it’s so easy to do.

For hot days that could cause a lot of sweat and shine, use an eyelash adhesive for extra hold. Make sure you have an excellent oil-free makeup remover to get this off. Otherwise, you may be sparkly for days!

Naked Neon

When you think of neon, you’ll rarely think of a natural look. Believe us, it works! Give yourself a natural matte base with a nude or clear lip gloss; then, it’s time to add some pop to your eyes. Clashing colors work best, yellows and purples or blues and oranges are growing in popularity, match your outfit to these colors, and you’ll be the envy of your Instagram feed. Sweep one shade over your upper lid and blend outwards for a natural fade, you can be as daring or subtle as you like.

Using the clashing shade on your lower lid in a similar fashion to eyeliner or use green eye contacts. Wear an evening dress for virtual weekend drinks or swimwear when sunbathing, and you’ll instantly be on-trend, it does work with any outfit.

Don’t Flout The Float

Floating eyeliner with green eye contacts isn’t something new, but it’s seeing a rise for this summer. If you haven’t heard of this before, it’s undoubtedly a stunner but will require some practice to get the perfect look. Now is the time to get that liquid liner out and practice, so you are ready for your next party.

Floating eyeliner combined with Paris Lash Academy throws all the rules out of the window when it comes to eye makeup. Instead of lining your upper lid, floating eyeliner lines the lid crease, your brow line, or an extension of your winged eyeliner.

This is why you must get a perfectly smooth line, any errors can be unforgiving, but if achieved correctly, this is a truly spectacular look. Sweeping shimmer eyeshadow over your upper lid and blending bright shades allow you to perfectly frame your colors with floating eyeliner. Of course, adding those strip lashes on top will provide you with a dazzling effect.

Lash Loonacy pair of lashes

Can’t be bothered or don’t have the time to spend arduously trying out makeup trends? Just go crazy with your lashes. Even without your monthly facial or being able to see your eyebrow threader, you can quickly turn your lockdown look into glamour goals in a matter of minutes with false eyelashes. Achieving long, thick lashes has been an ambition for women for centuries, but now we can get more creative.

Over-the-top lashes are this season’s latest style, with feather lashes being seen prominently on the catwalks. If you are looking for something a little different, Kendall Jenner has been spotted on Instagram with flower lashes. These are ting pressed or faux flowers delicately glued onto the tips of strip lashes. We can’t comment on the practicality of this, but with how cute they look, who cares!

Summer Eye Trends: Watercolor WavesSummer Eye Trends Watercolor Waves

While we love neons, we know it doesn’t suit all skin shades. You also may not have such bright shades in your makeup bag, and with beauty stores closed, it’s hard to buy online without being able to swatch.

Watercolor eyeshadow is a brilliant alternative. We all have more subdued, weaker colors in our eyeshadow pallets, and now is the opportunity to be daring with them. The best part about watercolor eyeliner is you don’t have to be a makeup connoisseur to get it right.

Just like watercolor paintings, there should be no hard lines. This means if you have struggled at getting both eyes to match or aren’t perfect at your blending, you’re already the right person to give this a go. Brighter colors work best, but you can also give it a go with nudes and naturals. A natural pair of strip lashes work best with this style, and you don’t want to overpower your artwork!

There is no excuse not to be looking fabulous this summer; it’s time to turn off Netflix, stop baking (you probably have enough loaves to sourdough to last a lifetime), and have some rest from scrolling through social media for the tenth time in one morning. Let’s get party-ready at home and take part in some self-care, we may not be able to go out, but getting ready is half the fun anyway!

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