Top 3 Homecoming Looks of This Season

Written By Alla Levin
September 11, 2020

Top 3 Homecoming Looks of This Season

The latest collection of homecoming dresses 2020 has a wide range of short and long homecoming dresses that are going to make it even tough for you to pick one favorite.

Every girl dreams of being under the spotlight on the Homecoming night.

To make it come true, check out the 3 unique homecoming looks of 2020:

Homecoming Looks of This Season: The Contemporary Princess Homecoming Looks of This Season

If you have the desire to unleash the adorable feminine side on this special night, the contemporary princess look will be ideal.

It is simply a fusion of vintage designs on short homecoming dresses that have a classic elegance but allow you to be sexy at the same time with a mini-length hem, plunging neckline, or an open back.

Try to pick luxurious fabrics like velvet and chiffon which will exude royalty. 

Try to accessorize your hair with a mini tiara or crystal hairpins. If you have wavy hair, leave them on one side while braiding the other end.

Makeup should be finely blended with a light lipstick shade. Stilettos with closed toes that match the color of your dress will be the perfect cherry on top. 

In love with lace? Check out these fit and flare A-line dresses.

If you prefer this look but have to stay true to the budget, shop from these cheap homecoming dresses by Cinderella Divine.

The Dazzling Diva Homecoming Looks of This Season

The name gives it away! This look is for girls who would love some bling at this event. Choose dresses that are adorned with crystals, beads, and sequins to shine all night long.

The framework of embellishments on the fabric will bring out the inner diva with a whole lot of glamour. You can choose both fitted and flaring styles as long as it has a sparkly effect. 

Usually, loud makeup is preferred for this look. The highlighter is queen here because it will make your face glow.

While we’re at it, some glittery eye shadow can also give an edge to your look. No need to accessorize your hair because the makeup and dress will reflect all the glitz and glamour.

It is suggested to pick out shoes with high heels and a jewel-encrusted outer surface. 

These gorgeous sexy homecoming dresses represent this look best:

If you’re more of an A-line person, try these cute homecoming dresses:

The Barbie Style Homecoming Looks of This Season

Barbies are teen-age fashion models, and it is indeed every woman’s guilty pleasure to look like one.

The latest collection offers a number of amazing items that will make you feel like a barbie doll this evening.

Since it is a homecoming, it will be better to steer clear of the voluminous ball gowns and rather pick something sophisticated and stylish.

Baby doll dresses are perfect for this look.

Remember to go with bright and vibrant colors.

Blush is very important for the barbie look. Go for a bright lipstick shade link pink or cherry red.

If you have long hair, tie it in a high ponytail at the back like real-life celebrity barbie Ariana Grande. Ballerinas are the ultimate choice for this attire. 

Browse through these voguish items to pick your favorite barbie outfit:

If you wish to experiment a bit with this look, choose from the designer two-piece homecoming dresses with A-line skirts.

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