Reading For Wellness And Why You Should Do It

Written By Alla Levin
September 29, 2020
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Reading For Wellness And Why You Should Do It

Reading is a very beneficial activity, and amongst the world’s population, is one of the most popular and beloved pastimes.

Settling down with a good story, often in the form of a good book or e-reader, is a simple pleasure you can delve into, no matter what it is you’re reading. 

And seeing as human beings have been reading for centuries, it only makes sense that your brain and body can be boosted by a spot of casual reading from day to day. And because of that, we’re going to delve into a few of the reasons you absolutely should be reading on a regular basis. 

It Strengthens Brain Function

Reading can do a lot for the brain. It’s one of the number one ways to strengthen the way your brain functions, and in a variety of different areas. When you read on a regular basis, your brain learns to practice these new functions, which only helps to cement the new neural pathways you’re forming. 

For example, reading can help you to be much more creative and/or imaginative. This can be applied to daily life in a variety of ways; maybe you’re a writer or artist, maybe you have to solve problems for a living, or maybe you just like being able to flex your creative muscle. 

Another benefit reading can have is increased memory. If you’re someone who’s quite forgetful, being able to open up a good book, read through it, and then remember what happened when you close it again, is a good sign your memory is improving. Do this enough times and you’ll see your memory improving in other areas as well – namely that to-do list you keep leaving on the fridge and promising yourself you’ll get back to! 

You’re Going to Learn a Thing or Two!

And of course, here comes the biggest benefit of all – when you read on a regular basis, you’re going to learn quite a few new things. You’ll be able to mix and match the genres you enjoy, and as a result, learn these new things all at once. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fiction or non-fiction lover – you’ll be able to pick up a bit of knowledge and put it to good use later on. 

For example, reading a medical journal like Oncotarget on a regular basis will help you to stay clued up on the world of medicine. When you know the ins and outs of the medical world, you’ll be able to understand the diseases, the treatments, and the new tech in a way anyone else around you won’t. Even if you’re not a doctor yourself, that’s a very beneficial thing to have in your back pocket! 

All in all, reading for wellness can be ironic; no one starts a book thinking it’ll turn them into a healthier person – it just happens automatically as you get through the pages! So keep this in mind, and try to pick up a reading habit. 

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