Social Media Looks Brand Influencers Will Want To Watch This Autumn

Written By Alla Levin
October 21, 2020

Social Media Looks Brand Influencers Will Want To Watch This Autumn

Social media has evolved in the past few years, from the hobby of shy adolescents to an entire universe through which adults can meet new people, share news, find employment, market their business, or operate as a brand marketeer. Social media consumes several hours in the average millennial’s life; recent research found that most adults spend at least 2 hours a day on social media.

If like many others, you scatter your social media hours between scrolling through your Instagram Timeline or explore page, Pinterest, and even Facebook, you’ve likely witnessed firsthand the new do’s and don’ts of the influencers that now dictate the fast fashion (and even some of the haute couture) scene. Here’s the recap you need to build a closet worthy of a successful social media influencer.

Retro Is Back

All you need is to scroll through Instagram for a few minutes to catch the return of retro in action. This trend’s comeback has been observable for the past few months, with runway shows such as Malan Breton bringing back the “retro-futuristic” (highly popular in the late ’90s and early 2000s) eyewear, or the ’80s cut mini skirt.

This trend has now moved from the runway to the mainstream, with a number of famous fast-fashion brands offering an array of retro-chic accessories, akin to those you may have seen on Kylie Jenner or Bella Thorne.

A Top Is Whatever You Make It To Be

If the body-positivity movement, recently amplified by the lockdown, can teach us one thing, it is that there is every reason to be daring in your dressing or to bare skin while you’re at it. Using headscarves and wraps as tops isn’t exactly new; however, there’s a stylish new twist to the trend.

Rather than using the streetwear bandanas the late ’90s saw adorn many women’s chests, influencers are now using designer headscarves. Fortunately, plenty of brands produce silk and satin scarves with similar patterns and coloring, which can be tied around the chest to create the same effect.

Preppy Looks Are Effortlessly StylishPreppy Looks Are Effortlessly Stylish

Preppy looks seem to get back in style every autumn. The fall, which generally coincides with a return to school or work after a period of holiday, is best suited for these layered preppy styles.

The preppy look is generally made up of a sweater, blazer or jacket, classic shirts and tops, and a well-cut skirt or pants to go with them. Preppy looks are chic, effortless, and often alluding to refined taste and breeding.

Fresh Faces Are A Hit

While heavy makeup seemed to mark the past decade, the influx of younger, fresh-faced influencers and aestheticians to popular social media platforms has brought high-end skincare back to the forefront.

Few makeup looks will earn you as many likes or engagements as a fresh face with healthy, glowing skin. You will definitely want to invest in skincare this autumn, researching on the vitamin supplements your skin may need to thrive with less sun and more time indoors.

Social Media Looks Brand Influencers: Time To Look Through Your Mother’s Closet

When it comes to fashion revisiting looks of the past, retro is one thing, but vintage is the level above. Vintage involves a piece lasting the test of time — ideally while kept in great condition — and being passed from one owner to the next, a person of an entirely different generation.

Vintage pieces are brimming with history; therefore, they often gain value with time. If you’re looking to take some of your social media posts to the next level of “chic” with a striking look, a vintage dress, skirt, top or even pair of shorts from your mother’s closet can make for an edgy, attention-grasping image.

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