Buying A Car? Here Are The Best Websites To Use

Written By Alla Levin
December 19, 2020
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Buying A Car? Here Are The Best Websites To Use

The stress and hassle of choosing or buying a car can almost quench the desire that comes with owning one. Fortunately, the internet makes it easier for car shoppers to compare a variety of choices before settling on one. Several online platforms try to outperform each other in a bid to attract potential customers.

According to J.D. Power, even though car sales dwindled in 2019, consumers still spent a record $462 billion on new cars. Are you wondering which websites are best for you in your car search? Here are some of the best websites to use when buying a car (or selling a used car).

CarGurusautomotive sales

CarGurus started as a community blog focused on automotive sales. On their platform, consumers could post questions about car dealerships and models. When the company began to boom and advertisers expressed interest in using the blog, CarGurus transformed into a credible car business website. Today, this site allows sellers to create listings without any charge. However, should a vehicle sale be made through this free listing, there is a $99 charge, irrespective of the car’s actual cost.

In a 2019 listing survey, it was discovered that about 20 million buyers patronize CarGuru because of its unique feature. All the listings here are rated and categorized as either great or overpriced. Even though sellers hate these descriptions, it works to your advantage as a buyer. You will know if you’re about to pay the market price or an inflated cost. This pricing system helps in your decision-making process.

VroomBuying A Car? Here Are The Best Websites To Use

In August 2013, Kevin Westfall, Scott, and Marshall Chesrown founded the Vroom company. At the moment, the company has worked tirelessly to raise more than $440million in Venture Capital. So why is it one of the best websites to use when buying a car? Apart from selling vehicles on their platform, they do deliveries as well. This eliminates the burden of spending many weekends touring car dealerships.

You do not need to worry about the city you’re in because shipping is carried out to all lower 48 U.S. States. Special arrangements can be made for a buyer in the uncaptured states. Although Vroom is not the most prominent online car business in the U.S., they handle financing through over twelve banks. Therefore, if you are at a loss on how to finance your purchase, use an auto loan calculator to get a fair idea.

Vroom specializes in pre-owned and low-mileage cars. The only downside to this is, their prices are fixed. That notwithstanding, every vehicle they sell undergoes a mandatory inspection. This is done to improve their credibility while offering the buyer the highest quality and a safe vehicle. With Vroom, you automatically get a 7-day test period but must ensure the car is returned without a scratch as this may cause some extra charges. In addition to this, after your purchase, you have a ninety-day warranty; however, the car’s mileage should be within 6000 miles for this warranty to remain valid.


AutoTrader began in May 1998. With only a one-page business plan, this online automobile company now receives about fifteen million visitors every month. It has earned several awards over the years, and J.D. Power & Associates considers a giant among many car website businesses. The website is equipped with advanced search tools that enhance your web experience. You will find specific car models with attached option packages to help you make a decision.

More so, you will love the AutoTrader homepage as it incorporates what has come to be known as the Kelley Blue Book. Interestingly, this is one of the few sites that give you in-depth buyer information on each car. One of the things you will love to know is that several sellers here are car dealers. Therefore, you are assured of professionalism and excellent customer service.

CarfaxBuying A Car

If you are particularly concerned about vehicle history reports, Carfax is the place for you. In addition to new cars, you can also find used cars as well. With over thirty thousand dealers spread across the United States, they can reach many buyers like yourself, even through Facebook. This enhances credibility, buyer confidence, and transparency. Since you are a buyer interested in vehicle history reports, you may be interested in how Carfax began too. Edwin Barnet III had an affinity for selling reports on vehicle records he got his hands on. This ensured that the general public would be on high alert for scrapped cars. Edwin’s ingenuity worked, and in 1984, he began what you know today as Carfax.

Take a look at the website now, and you will notice it has a simple and easy to navigate interface. If you changed your mind about immediately buying a car from them, you could subscribe to their email alerts for news on new car models. If emails are not your thing, Carfax does text alerts too!

Buying A Car: TrueCarBuying A Car

Take a glance through the TrueCar website, and you will see there are over a million listings to choose from. They are the only car website that offers analytics on car sales. This method helps you (the buyer) to understand their automobile data dynamics. For example, after expressing interest in a particular car model, you will receive a maximum of 120 other transactions made on the same model (albeit a different car). 

The analytics will include a record of how much was paid in each transaction. With this, you will know whether what you are about to purchase is within range and not a smart way to con you out of your money. Indeed, this eliminates the mystery that usually surrounds retail prices. However, you should know that once you sign in and begin your car searches, various car dealers would have access to your contact details. This means you would easily access the information you need. 

There are several more car dealership websites you can choose from. However, you should stick to those with good reviews and a history of excellent customer service. It would help if you asked family or friends who have already dealt with them. If you need more help, your local car mechanic can provide excellent choices and check the minimum credit score to buy a car if needed.

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