5 Must Have Accessories for Work and For Returning to the Workplace

Written By Alla Levin
January 11, 2021

Accessories For Returning to the Workplace

For many of us, 2020 was a year for remote working. It was easy to slide out of your bed into the desk without even having a shower. However, with a little luck, 2021 will be a very different year, and we will need to venture back out to our workplaces. If you are returning to a more professional appearance, then here are five must-have branded accessories that will help you feel ready for the world of business.

A Smart Bag

If your office has set you up to work remotely, you may have a laptop, files, or paperwork that will have to commute with you. If you have enjoyed the flexibility that working from home has afforded you, then you may wish to keep that option open to you. A smart bag will allow you to transport your essential work items between different locations easily.

A Leather Messenger Bag has a timeless look and is good for all seasons. A leather bag’s advantage is its durability, making them a highly functional accessory you will use for years to come. 

A Reliable Watch

With everyone having a smartphone in their pocket, the need for a wristwatch has slightly diminished in recent years. If you have meetings back to back, then keeping track of time is crucial. However, taking note of the time with a subtle look at the wrist is always going to be more polite than checking your phone.

A reliable timepiece can also make a statement about the type of person you are. A classically designed stylish wristwatch might be the first thing a client notices when shaking your hand. If budget is a concern, then consider looking for a high-quality second-hand watch.  If you want to promote yourself as tech-savvy and on-trend, then a smartwatch might also be an option worth considering. 

Charging BatteryCharging Battery

According to Tom’s Guide, the average smartphone battery lasts ten hours. If you are using the phone a lot throughout the day, then this time can reduce drastically. You do not want to be caught short commuting between meetings with no way to communicate with the office or check your emails. A good charging battery and cable can neatly fit inside your leather messenger bag and will come in handy when the phone needs some extra juice. 


Open-plan offices can be fantastic but can also be a challenge when you need to switch off, get your head down and focus. Noise-canceling headphones can reduce the external stimulus you might get from the daily humdrum of an office. Putting headphones on is also a good way of signaling to colleagues that you have to get something done, and you would rather not be disturbed. 

Returning to the Workplace: Lunch Box

Finally, remember while you may be back in your workplace, the local eateries around you might have closed down or have not reopened as quickly as your company. Pack a lunch box to make sure you have enough to keep you going through the day. 

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