Website Essentials for Any Small Business

Written By Alla Levin
June 02, 2021

Website Essentials for Any Small Business

As a fledgling business, a well-designed and informative website is essential. Curating a positive experience for customers and visitors can help build your client base, boost sales and increase your overall revenue.

But if your website is poorly constructed, mismanaged, and difficult to navigate, you may already sabotage your success. For this reason, many SMEs turn to the experts in website design and consider hiring help in the form of developers and site designers – find out more information on WordPress developer cost.

Understanding what you need to help your business website succeed means ticking off all the essentials that users need and expect. Read on to find out more.

Perform regular UX analysis on your website

The online presence of any business is essential, and a website plays a significant role in the success of that business. A regular UX analysis of your business website is vital to ensure that it looks and feels modern, customer-friendly, secure, and interactive.

It helps to optimize user experience metrics such as usability, accessibility, performance, and satisfaction. Furthermore, an up-to-date UX analysis can be used to identify potential problems or changes required by users on the website swiftly. This will make sure your customers can efficiently get goods and services with comfortable access to information

Simple navigation

Put yourself in your site visitors’ shoes – if you clicked on your site and were having trouble navigating the pages, finding the information you needed, or struggling to understand the menus, what would you do? Chances are, you’d move on and find a better site instead.

By prioritizing simple and user-friendly site navigation, you’ll not only enhance the visitors’ experience, but you’re also more likely to increase the sales numbers on your site. Simple menus, easy-to-follow subheadings, and basic navigation are always website winners.

High-quality site mediaHigh-quality site media

Blurred pictures, low-quality video, and pixelated product images – all the tell-tale signs of a poorly designed website. These kinds of faux pas can turn visitors away in their droves, not just because they make your site look unprofessional, but because in comparison to a site with high-quality media – the choice is obvious.

High-quality visuals break up your site pages and the text on your website; work with a videographer or PowerPoint design agency to give visitors more information about your products and business.

Call to action buttons

The easier you make the experience for your visitors, the better. That means including well-designed and easy-to-find call-to-action (CTA) buttons on your site. These could be links to your social media pages, an icon that opens their basket, or an “add to bag” on a product page. Remember, the simpler and more pleasant your site experience, the more sales and revenue you can expect.

High-quality content

As a business, it’s easy to think that your primary focus is effectively selling the products on your website. And while there is some truth to this statement, selling isn’t the only function of your user-friendly site.

As a small business, the sooner you position yourself as an expert within your industry, the better, and it’s high-quality content that will help users differentiate you from your competitors. The more information you can provide on your site, the better.

This could be a blog about the day-to-day running of your business, troubleshooting pages, informative videos about how to care for your products, and regularly updated FAQs. The more interesting content you have, the more engaged your visitors will be.

Final thoughts…

Creating your website from scratch can feel like an overwhelming task; however, following the points above and liaising with a website developer can help you craft a website that is engaging, informative, and drives your revenue up.

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