3 Dollar Tree Craft Birthday Ideas For Your Next Gift

Written By Alla Levin
June 12, 2021
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3 Dollar Tree Craft Birthday Ideas For Your Next Gift

Giving someone a personalized and handmade gift is a unique present that will never be replicated. If you want to give a gift that the receiver will remember forever, consider taking the time to make it yourself. Not only will it be a fun project for you to do alone or with a few friends, but you can ensure that your friend or loved one will have a birthday gift they will never forget!

Just because you want to make a gift for a friend doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a retail store gift that is commonplace and found everywhere, you can spend just a little bit of money on the accessories needed to put together your presentation with ease. Let’s see a few birthday gift ideas you can put together yourself!

3 dollar tree crafts to make for a birthday gift!

If you want to give your loved one a birthday gift, you can spend a few dollars and some of your own time to make a personalized and unique present for your loved one. If you want to make a birthday gift with a friend or do the project by yourself, all you need is to buy some dollar tree crafts to put together a memorable and unique present! Read more to learn about how to make it easier.

Frozen blizzard in a jar

This is the perfect gift for a Christmas or holiday-themed birthday. If your birthday is in the winter, whether it be in December, January, or February, a winter-themed gift that you can make from dollar tree crafts is the perfect budget-friendly and personable gift. All you need with this is a mason jar, tissue paper, glitter, and whatever theme you want to use for the mason jar!

Do you want it to be blue-themed like a traditional blizzard, or do you want another color? You can choose the color with the tissue paper and create a unique storm in a jar for your winter-themed birthday gift.

Pop tape art

Pop tape is a unique way to make a 3D birthday gift using dollar tree crafts. You can make a tape art monogram for the person’s initials to make a unique and personalized gift for someone’s birthday. When making the gift, you can cut out initials in vinyl, put it on the canvas, and then paint the canvas with whatever theme or design you choose.

You can choose the type of theme you want for your canvas, whether it be for birthdays, holidays, or a specific color that is best for the present. When buying dollar tree crafts, the only materials you need are stretched canvas, acrylic paint, glitter, masking or painter’s tape, and any other items you want to stick on your canvas.

Personalized mosaic craftdollar tree craft birthday ideas

The final birthday gift you can give to a loved one or friend is a personalized mosaic craft. This creative and fun DIY art project is an ideal birthday gift for friends or loved ones using dollar tree crafts. The only materials you need for this project are a bottle of mod podge, paintbrushes, cardboard letters, canvas, assorted craft paint, and tissue paper.

Dollar tree craft birthday ideas: Conclusion

When looking at the best DIY gifts to make for a loved one or friends for their birthday, something personalized and unique is a great way to show your admiration or love for your friends. Using dollar tree crafts, you can spend a little bit of money and some of your time to create a long-lasting and memorable gift.

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