5 Reasons You Should Consider MUSE Academy

Written By Alla Levin
June 17, 2021
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5 Reasons You Should Consider MUSE Academy

Parents across the United States have chosen to have their children placed in private schools, whether for early childhood education or secondary education. The reasons are numerous for why they decide to do this. Many people feel that private schools provide their children with a competitive edge and be very academic-focused.

MUSE is one such private school that should be considered for those seeking a non-traditional learning experience. Utilizing a humanistic education model, the school has become a well-known bastion for parents seeking better educational opportunities for their kindergarten to Grade 2 children. We’ll focus on reasons why you should consider this truly unique educational experience.

1. Humanist EducationThe MUSE private school provides instruction to students in grades Pre-K3 through Grade 2. One of the standout things about the school is that it follows a humanist education structure. This educational method has helped many of the students of MUSE Academy to grow on a variety of fronts. With this education model, the theory goes that knowledge and feelings work hand in hand concerning education.

Some more strict education models don’t place as much of a focus on feelings, which does a disservice to the students. The intellect and feelings of the child being taught at the MUSE work together, rather than being separated.

Arts, sciences, and languages are all taught in tandem at the Brooklyn-based school. When first introduced in ancient Greece, the humanist model gave people the ability to access their creative potential in these respective fields.

Just as then, MUSE does its best to celebrate this creative spark amongst its students. This can be in the fields of science, mathematics, music, letters, and the arts. Taking this humanist education approach is one of the many reasons you should consider MUSE.

Financial Aid

The cost of educating a child can be a lot. Though you hope to provide your children with an education that helps them to excel, you can’t often pair such a desire with the income needed to make it happen. When you have to fill out a personal check for tuition, it causes a cavalcade of emotions.

These might range from feeling sad to being angry enough to give all of your personal checks and business checks back to the check printing companies which produced them. MUSE understands this. It’s their goal to provide their humanist-based curriculum to as many pre-K3 through Grade 2 students as possible. They also understand that sometimes we all need a little help.

Considering this, the independent private school offers financial aid to 30% of families who meet their qualifications. Based on a purely need-based status, this opportunity gives families who need it an opportunity for their children to attend school. In addition to this, half and full scholarships are available to be applied for.

New York CityMUSE Academy

Another big draw for those individuals who are considering MUSE as a new school should be its location. New York City is the very definition of culture, society, and education.

Focusing on the cultural component, let’s say that a student at this independent private school focuses on the arts. New York City is home to some of the best examples of cultural arts in the arenas of painting, architecture, sculpture, literature, music, the performing arts, and cinema.

New York City provides no shortage of learning opportunities for MUSE students, no matter their field of study. Combining the educational tools provided by MUSE and the offerings of New York City, the full potential of every child at the school can be tapped into.

Diverse Curriculum

As mentioned before, MUSE has a diverse curriculum of subjects which it offers to its students. These include letters, speech, mathematics, science, humanities, languages, and visual arts. With the application of the humanist model to teaching these subjects, the students at MUSE become lifelong learners. This helps with their growth and development as they move further into higher levels of education.

MUSE Academy: Longevity

MUSE is an extension of the Brooklyn Music School. The Brooklyn Music School has been around for approximately 100 years, a permanent fixture of this borough. The institution celebrates the musical and performance arts, eventually adding MUSE to its ranks. Being associated with such a tenured organization helps to further the importance of this independent private school.

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